The signs of the times

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In the future stage of God's work, Persia will play a part. This country will make friends with the enemy of Israel and will suffer God's severe punishment. The facts related to this country attract much of the attention of Bible students. We are not surprised to read of the following:

Persia is the same as Iraq: it expects a period of rebuilding. A powerful new Persian king is determined to build up a strong nation and to open up a new era. Financially, it has taken the advice of the U.S., and it is no longer attempting to conquer its neighbors by force. Instead, it is using its power for peacekeeping and order.

Ezekiel 38:1-6 mentions a league of the nations. They oppose Israel out of an evil intention. In this alliance, Persia was clearly and definitely mentioned. One outstanding thing of our time is that some insignificant nations will be ranked as prominent ones and will become strong factors in influencing the situation in the East. We should not be surprised that Persia will rank as one of the top countries.

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