The signs of the times

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These two countries always occupy an important role on the eastern stage, and they will continue to play a leading role. Turkey will join itself with the king from the north, and Egypt will be the chief part of the king from the south. England will be the motivating source behind the coming ruler. The world does not know the prophecy in Daniel 11, and it is therefore observing these events with uneasiness. These events will lead to things which will shortly come to pass. Someone has said,

After the War, Turkey became a democracy and is aspiring to build up a new national life. Greece has a new national consciousness. Its population has greatly increased, and, through the help of the loan from the League of Nations, we can reasonably hope that it will have a renewed period of rebuilding.

Egypt has obtained limited self-rule from England. From now on, its prosperity will depend much on local leaders rather than on English initiative. Sudan has separated itself from Egypt, and Britain has moved its cotton industry here. A new dam has been built, and through this political force that is smaller than Egypt, the British cotton market can receive sustained supply. The national consciousness of Sudan has been awakened, and there is reason to believe that the local people will take a greater part in the development of their own country.

All these are a fulfillment of the writer's word: "Pay attention to the things in the East." The movement of these peoples is a fulfillment of the biblical prophecy, in the same way that a gust of wind forewarns concerning the coming storm.

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