The signs of the times


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This same person said,

The people of the Near East will no longer be subjected to the masters in the West.

Soon after the War, many rebellions occurred in Egypt. The revolution in Syria has taken place, and Persia has obtained freedom from the hands of England and Russia. Iraq's riots have caused ______ to sign a treaty with King ______, so that it has gained autonomy in most areas. The former dynasty of ______ has been chased out by a Muslim king in northern Arabia. This king, who is not under the influence of Europe, is now ruling that land. Turkey has been freed by its local Christians, and its nation has been removed from the center of European activity; it has abolished compromising treaties and has declared its own independence. Mr. ______ has been killed, the consulate general in Germany has been killed by the Persian refugees, and Mr. ______ has been humiliated.

The same riotous condition appears in China. The daughter of one writer wrote in her letter that their mission has been attacked. The rioters were not the excited crowd, but nominal Christians who wanted to take over the control of the gospel work in China. They did not recognize Christ as all and in all. They believe that the Chinese should rule China. They have not realized that the ambition that is seen in international politics is no different from the ambition in which Christians vie to please one another.

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