The signs of the times


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Since the time the Italian ruler came to Rome, some have tried to assassinate him. He narrowly escaped death six times. Once a bullet went through his coat, and another time the tip of his nose was scratched. It is amazing that he has narrowly escaped death many times.

The Italians now believe that he cannot be killed. They believe that by some fortune his life is charmed and that no one will hurt him. This turns us more to his aim: he wants to revive the ancient Roman Empire in five years. The Bible tells us that in the future a very powerful man will rise up and be the ruler of the revived Roman Empire. This man will escape the sword in a miraculous way. He will be known as he "who had the stroke of the sword and revived" (Rev. 13:14). For this reason, the whole world will worship him. But the Italians are almost making Mussolini god already. The last time he escaped danger, the people cried, "Woe to whoever wants to harm the Savior of Italy!"

Just as men today consider that it is impossible for Mussolini to die, in the same way in the future there will be the cry: "Who can make war with him?" (Rev. 13:4). But Mussolini may not be the coming ruler. He may be only a shadow of the coming one.

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