The signs of the times

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Idol worshipping has poured forth into Christian countries like a flood. One new temple worth 50,000 pounds and which can hold 2,000 worshippers has been erected in ______. Another one complete with monks and altars has been finished in ______. In Japan, monks hold 4,175 Sunday schools, in contrast to 1,891 Christian Sunday schools, and the monks have 12,754 teachers with 575,691 students, while Christians have only 7,493 teachers, with 32,080 Christian students.


The past year has seen many new changes. In Judaism the retreat of orthodoxy is more and more apparent. In Russia those who can keep their orthodoxy are in the diminishing minority. The orthodox Jews are dying under the atmosphere of persecution. Sabbathville, a town near New York, was designed by Jews who want to keep the Sabbath. This plan is a sure proof that Jews in America have been uplifted through material riches. In August there will be a convention of modernistic Jews. At present there is a World Union of Progressive Jews. The chief Rabbi in England has tried to stop the tide of modernism through his writings and speeches.

Politically there are a few outstanding figures. Sir Herbert Samuel occupies an important place in the coal industry. He has other unofficial titles. He was greatly used in the suppression of the May riot. In Philadelphia (Oct. 13) during the All Europe Conference, a conference which paved the way for a cooperation of European nations, powerful Jews were the outstanding figures also. When Lord Reading came back from India, he was made a lord.

Palestine has received much grace under the hand of the British administrators. When Lord Plumer was administrating this place last year, there had been signs of progress in peace already. At the same time, its border with Syria has been in a state of unrest. It is apparent that the transportation plan for Palestine has become an important issue. The Haifa-Kantara will surely become a main route of traffic. Mesopotamia has been developed. Haifa will become the export harbor for oil and other products. The port of Haifa is greatly improved and renovated, and the harbor of Jaffa is also being opened up and upgraded. Gaza is along the air route from England to India, the first stop from Cairo to Karachi. The first two planes left from that place in December of 1926. This country is being developed internally. The plan of ______ is utilizing the hydroelectric power from the Jordan River for irrigation use. Hopefully the project will be completed in a month or two. Lord Reading is the chief executive of the Palestine Electric Company, which manages the hydroelectric plant project of the Jordan River. During this year many new colonies have sprung up, and they are prospering. At present a garden city is planned near the Dead Sea for a winter retreat. There is a motorway that connects Jerusalem with Bengadi. Palestine is no longer dependent on the British finance department for support, and it is mostly self-supporting. It is slowly paying back its debts. The trees in this land are growing, which brings in more rain. Every year about 30,000 people return to the land. Archaeological studies have become active in places like Jerusalem, Capernaum, and so forth. Their studies confirm many of the records of the Bible. The progress of the Jews and the success of the colonies have stirred up the Arabs to strive and improve their lot. The feeling between the Jews and the Arabs has improved. Last year a few famous Jews died, one of whom was Zanwill, who reaped much benefit for Israel. The book he wrote describes keenly and vividly the life of the Jews, and it saved the land from becoming an unknown place.

One American rabbi, Dr. Wise, has caused shocking reactions at this time by his attitude toward Christ.

These things show the condition of the Jews in 1926. The Jews are hungry spiritually. In some parts of East Europe, the gospel is desperately needed. But the Jews have little or no contact with the gospel. The end is near, and there is the urgent cry for careful, godly, and solid evangelical works among the Jews.

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