The signs of the times

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Although there is the work of the ______ treaty and the alliance of the nations, the political situation in Europe still has not improved. Some have suggested that if the United States would write off some of its loans, there would be some positive results. But others have said that this is useless. Mussolini is still the conspicuous character on the Continent. His friendship with the Vatican is becoming more and more apparent. All the other politicians in Europe seem to be afraid of this boyish and amazing Italian. Recently, we have not heard much about his ambitious desire to recover the former glories of Rome and to be the master of Europe. Everywhere in Europe, there are still intense preparations for war. World peace and disarmament are nowhere to be seen. Some have written something in the newspaper roughly along the following lines: "The preservation of peace is the great problem we are faced with today. While this question is very obvious, yet the obvious questions are many times the hardest to solve. Disarmament will surely avert wars. But will they not be able to build up arms again even after they have disarmed themselves? Recent experiences have shown that the works and plans of the League of Nations have failed; it can no longer maintain world peace. What we need today is the concerted efforts of good-intentioned, wise, capable, and moral leaders." We have heard comments such as these over and over again. They are completely meaningless. All of this unrest proves that God's word is real. In the old days, He had already foretold the conditions of today. This world will not have peace until the Lord comes back to reign on earth and to begin His righteous and just rule.

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