The signs of the times

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The Bible predicts that before the Lord Jesus comes to earth, the old Roman Empire will be revived. We know that the old Roman Empire was quite large and that its empire has now disintegrated into many powerful nations. The many great nations in Europe are but small parts of the Roman Empire. The Bible tells us that these nations will eventually become a federation of ten nations. The head of this federation will be Antichrist. We believe that the League of Nations now is the forerunner of this federation. Those who study prophecy should pay attention to the League of Nations. Mr. Panton has pointed out that although England has rejected the proposal in Geneva, this rejection will not succeed, because all the nations in the League were under the former rule of the Roman Empire. Russia, Germany, and America were not under the rule of the old Roman Empire. At present, the nations that rule over Rome are Italy, Greece, France, Spain, and England. All these are main parts of the Roman Empire.

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