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The Jewish settlement office has agreed on a plan to make Tel Aviv (a fast-developing city close to Jaffa) the hub of a railway network in Palestine. Ludd (about ten miles from Tel Aviv) was originally the crossroads for the Kantara-Haifa and Jaffa-Jerusalem line. Now the crossroads will be transferred to Tel Aviv. In this way Tel Aviv and Jaffa will be greatly rewarded, because the office has agreed to build the harbor in Haifa and not in Jaffa.


The work of building waterways and roads around Haifa harbor has already employed six to seven hundred Jews.


Recently, Mr. ______ has a report in the World Report concerning the progress of the work in Palestine. He wrote the following:

Every aspect of the work in Palestine is amazing. Everyone is busy, and no one is idle. Progress in building can be seen everywhere throughout the country. Residential houses are going up in hundreds, as are shops and factories. Jerusalem has some very tall buildings, and one twelve-story office building is being constructed which looks like an Egyptian palace. Wages are high, and, in short, the people are happy and satisfied.

However, five years ago when the land was taken back by the British from the Turks, it was a bankrupt and deserted country. At that time very few cities had escaped the damage of the war. All arable fields were left untilled. Areas where the Turkish armies had passed through were even more devastated. Riots and lawlessness were rife, and there were always robberies by nomad Arabs. Not one aspect of Palestine, including its finances, industry, social order, and politics, was left undamaged.

At present, the cleanliness and orderliness of Jerusalem surprised me. It has been found out that the mortality rate is the same as that in London. The health department is also doing its best. The narrow streets are being cleaned regularly. One thing that the British government paid attention to was to clean out the small ponds and to cover them up. There were about six thousand of them, and some of them had not been cleaned for more than a hundred years. Now mosquito-borne malaria and the suffering of fevers caused by the summer months in Jerusalem are all removed.

We believe that more changes will come. The faithful Zionists said that they will turn Palestine into another Eden. This reminds us of Joel 2:3 which says that the Holy Land will be as Eden. But it also mentions a great army coming in to destroy and to lay the land waste to desolation once more. This fact will indeed be fulfilled. After the Zionists have accomplished their enterprises, the nations will come up to devastate the land again. But by that time, the Lord will come and deliver the remnant among the Israelites who fear the Lord. The prosperity of Palestine is nothing but a sign to us that our days are about to end.

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