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The students of prophecy know that before Christ will appear on earth, Antichrist will appear. He will be one of the Roman Emperors revived. Please read 2 Thessalonians 2 for this. For now we can take a look at the signs. On May 30, 1925, the President of the United States, Mr. Coolidge, spoke on Memorial Day,

Our nation is based on the ideal of local self-rule...We have to admit that the recent tendency is contrary to this spirit. Individuals are no longer building their own freedom through self-rule and labor...but have committed the responsibility of prosperity and moral virtue to the intoxicating influence that pervades society. In the same way, the local governments are looking to the state governments, and the state governments are looking to the national government, while the national governments are looking to a nebulous organization, a flimsy union to pay their debts and to tell them what they should do. This is not self-rule...If we allow others to help us, we cannot stop others from controlling us. If we are too weak to uphold our own morality, we will not be strong enough to uphold our freedom. If we cannot rule ourselves, if we cannot abide by the law, there will be no way except for others to control us, to subjugate us under the law, and to lower our noble and free position to that of a shameful slave."

From this speech of President Coolidge, we can see that America and the world cannot rule themselves. According to his mature political view, the world must be under someone's domination. Hence, the world is ripe for Antichrist to execute his autocratic regime. While standing on the watchtower of prophecy, we can see that men are becoming more and more lawless, until the day the lawless one appears, when they will all be subject under his hand. Antichrist is coming soon! But before he appears, the saints will be raptured! Be watchful! Let us consider more words from others.

Mr. Mussolini of Italy, where Rome is situated, has challenged the world to pay attention to his declaration. Although he may not be one of the Roman emperors revived, he is at least a type of that emperor. He said on August 18, "I believe there is no such thing as freedom in this world. Freedom is but something in the ideal of the philosophers; it is the impractical philosophy that comes from the air. Our philosophy comes from the earth that is so near to us and is for those living on earth. Civilization is the opposite of freedom...The crowd cannot rule over the crowd, and the majority cannot rule over the majority." Concerning Caesar, the Roman emperor, Mussolini said, "He is our ideal person, our master. Julius Caesar was the greatest man on earth." Concerning the condition in Europe, he said, "Europe is impregnated with life. This old continent is not corrupted...If Europe has become old, then Italy should have been the weakest, for it is the oldest of all the European countries. But Italy is very strong, and there is nothing that can stop its progress." Do not the speeches of President Coolidge and Mussolini point to the same thing? Do they not all point to a coming authoritarian world king? "At the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established" (2 Cor. 13:1).

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