The signs of the times

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General Pangalos has taken hold of the reins of government in Greece, while Romania and Bulgaria are fast following...France and Germany are rumored to be turning toward nominated government. Even England is inclining toward this age of iron mixed with clay, a difficult match. It is hard to predict the outcome of the present world situation. But when the time comes, He who will come will surely come and will not delay.


According to a recent report of the Zionists, there are now about one hundred fifty thousand people living in Palestine. Among them twenty-five thousand are farmers, and twenty thousand are laborers. They have introduced commerce and industry, which has been something unknown to this region for more than a few hundred years.

By their own labor they have built a busy city which has thirty-two thousand inhabitants.

At present they are developing the commercial port of Haifa and are making it prosperous. They are opening up the ______ Bay, and their farmers are turning the ______ plain into a fertile field. The Jews have also adopted electricity, and places like ______ and ______ have enough electricity to supply light manufacturing work already.

All these are fulfillments of the Scripture. How we rejoice at seeing God working behind everything for the fulfillment of His purpose.

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