The signs of the times

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The population in Palestine, according to a recent survey, has reached one hundred fifty thousand. This is the highest number since the Jews were chastised by God. This proves that the return of the unbelieving Jews to their homeland has become a reality. Their return is a preparation for the end of this age.

Within the national library of the Jewish state, in the newly built Hebrew University in Jerusalem, there is a gradual increase of valuable books. In Cincinnati a Mr. ______ has donated six thousand volumes of his books. Mr. ______ has also donated five hundred volumes. There are also many valuable ancient manuscripts.

Jewish women occupy an important place in Palestine, in contrast to the ancient Jewish custom. The recent issue of the women's journal in Jerusalem was printed in Hebrew. This paper is called Ha-Isha, which means The Woman. It is a kind of paper to promote women's suffrage.

There will be great developments in Jewish industries, commerce, and farming. The Jews have gathered large sums of money for the promotion of these projects.

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