The Shmittah Year Prophecy

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world leaders knew that there would not be peace, but only chaos. The third part of the Mazzini/Pike plan of 1871, for the third world war, was to pit Arabs and Jews against each other to clear the Land for the anti-messiah and a lawless state. The idea is to produce chaos, for an excuse to bring the world ruler to power. The motto of the Illuminati is: “Out of chaos, order”. (Look at the Latin phrase on the U.S. dollar bill). That is why we’re seeing the purposed chaos taking place, especially in the Middle East. (For more information about what will take place this September 11th sunset to September 13th sunset, refer to my articles “The Forty-Eight Hour Transition”)

THE THREE SETS OF SEVEN: 1) The Oslo Accord: September 13, 1993--a Yom Teruah beginning a shmittah year--to September 29, 2000 and 2) the time of transition from September 29, 2000--a Yom Teruah beginning a shmittah year--to September 13, 2007, and 3) the last cycle of Daniel’s 70th “week” of seven years—September 13, 2007--a Yom Teruah beginning a shmittah year--to Yom Teruah beginning a smittah year—2015. At the end of the last shmittah year, ten days into 2016--Yom Kippur—our Messiah will return. Am I dogmatic about this? NO—so don’t label me as a date-setter. But, at this point, I have peace. We will know more as the time approaches! I do find it fascinating, however, that the confirmation regarding this timing is coming strongly, and so we must ALL hear from the Spirit for ourselves as we make preparations to be “found in Him at His appearing”.

And so I strongly believe that we are about to enter, at sunset September 12th Israel time, into the final seven years before Messiah’s coming. Please refer to: “The Forty-Eight Hour Transition” for more specifics. This is being

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