The Shmittah Year Prophecy

It is the time preceding the coming of the Kingdom of Messiah to earth, some

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It is the time preceding the coming of the Kingdom of Messiah to earth, some

Jewish leaders also say that man has been given six thousand years, but that the six thousand years did not begin from the first day of creation, but began

with the creation of Adam in the sixth day, thus adding six years to the six thousand years.

In Genesis 6:3 we read that Yahuweh’s Ruach (Spirit) will only strive with man for 120 years. Hebraic understanding is that this is 120 Jubilee years. That is six thousand years, since a Jublilee year is every 50th year (Leviticus 25)—120 X 50= 6,000.

Creation Scientists have clearly shown that the planet earth we live on is no more than six thousand years old—now moving into its seven thousandth year. There is no solid scientific evidence that can prove it to be older than this!

Now for more confirmation regarding September 29, 2000: I was reading a little book by Richard Honorof, a Messianic Jew from Israel, entitled Revealing

the Mysteries of the Melchi Zadok Priesthood. On Page 38, he begins telling about twenty-seven people, himself included, who were led by the Ruach Yahuweh—the Spirit of the Father--to go walk on Shabbat (September 30, 2000, at 2:00PM) from the end of the Hinnon Valley at the Mt. Zion Hotel to the Kidron Valley at the Gihon springs. Seven were dressed as priests, and took seven silver trumpets, a shofar, and a flask of anointing oil. Over the waters of the Gihon, as in the days when Samuel anointed Solomon there, they poured oil

over the shofar and then blew all the trumpets proclaiming Yahushua (Yeshua—the Salvation of Yahuweh the Father) as Messiah and the new King of Israel. Richard said that at that time, he believed that what took place on that day “Yeshua used for beginning His end-time ministry”. On His wedding day,

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