The Shmittah Year Prophecy

Apocalypse” only ride over one-fourth of the earth. It is now happening in the Middle East and parts of Africa

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Apocalypse” only ride over one-fourth of the earth. It is now happening in the Middle East and parts of Africa.

From ancient Jewish writings, Rabbis have said that the first seven years of the

seven thousandth year since creation is the time in which the earth is purged of the wicked during much tribulation, and the set-apart ones are preserved. Men from before Messiah’s first coming and for over 1,000 years after He came, have said that Messiah would come in the early part of the seven thousandth year from creation.

The end of the last Shmittah year (Rosh ha Shanah of 2001 CE) marked the beginning of the 7,000th year from creation, and the beginning of the “third

day”--Hosea 6:1-3-- from the coming of Messiah Yahushua the first time. In the third day—as per Exodus 19--the Spirit of Yahuweh descended onto Mt. Sinai, and revealed the terms of His marriage covenant with His people. The people at Sinai were commanded to prepare for the third day by cleansing themselves. The word now is: “REPENT (MAKE T’SHUVAH) FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS NEAR”.

This is why, from ancient times rabbis before Messiah’s first coming, as well as Messianic believers since His first coming, have known that the cycles and prophecies (Genesis 6:3, II Peter 3:8 and Psalm 90:4) referred to the end of the age as we know it to come at the beginning of the seven thousandth millennium from creation. Messianic prophetic books, found at Qumran, also tell of Messiah’s coming in the seven-thousandth millennium. The Essenes of Qumran believed that there would be one Messiah who was Elohim, who would come first as a suffering servant, and second as the conquoring King. They based their beliefs on Scripture alone, like Isaiah 53. In cannoizing the Tenach, Rabbi Akiva, the founder of Rabbinical Judaism, left those writings out of the cannon purposely, for they would have proved Messiah Yahushua to be the One.

He almost left the book of Daniel out, relegating it to the “writings” along with Ezra and Nehemiah, for Daniel 9:24-27 tells us exactly when Messiah, the suffering servant, came. (For careful study of this passage, ask for the article The Three Levels of Daniel 9:24-27)

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