The Seven Years’ War aka (also known as) The French and Indian War a social Studies Reader Before the French and Indian War: Land and Trade

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Nations Fight for Land
Great Britain, France, Spain, and many Native Americans nations fought over the land in America. Starting in 1689, there were many battles between France and Great Britain in America. Most of these battles were in the New England frontier. Both the British colonists and French fur trappers wanted the natural resources of the land. Many Native American groups chose to fight with the French. Some Native American groups chose to fight with the colonists. These were small battles with small numbers of people fighting. During this time, the colonial governor or legislature would raise taxes and pay a small militia (armed force) to fight to keep or gain land they thought belonged to the colonists and Britain.
During one fight, King George’s War (1744-1748), the British colonies were again under the attack of the French and Spanish. In the south, James Ogelthorpe, a colonial leader in Georgia, led a militia that managed to stop Spanish attacks. In the north, a militia of New Englanders captured a major French fortress, called Louisbourg, gaining control of the St. Lawrence River. In a peace treaty ending the war, leaders in Britain gave Louisbourg back to the French in exchange for British gains in India. The colonists in New England were furious about the loss of the fort they had fought so hard to win, but the leaders in Britain were in charge.

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