The Russian Revolution The End of Imperial Russia and the Rise of the Communist Soviet Union

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The Russian Revolution

The End of Imperial Russia and the Rise of the Communist Soviet Union


  1. Make 3-4 comparative statements between the French Revolution and the factors “Igniting the Russian Revolution”.

  1. Why is there often civil war or strife following the overthrow of government as witnessed by the Russian Civil War between the Red and White armies? AND Cite another example of civil war or strife following or as a component of a broader revolution.

  1. The driving ideology and foundation for the Russian/Bolshevik Revolution was created by whom? In what key document?

  1. Do you think Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP) was good for the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.)? Why or why not? Explain.

  1. Is Stalin’s approach better or worse for the Soviet Union than Lenin’s approach? Make a clear & specific argument.


  1. Annotate (on the readings) the introductions & the individual paragraphs of the primary documents from Lenin and Stalin.

  1. According to Lenin, what were the main features of Marxism? Why was it a potent revolutionary doctrine?

  1. What were Stalin’s main goals? What do they have to do with Marxism?

  1. Venn Diagram: Lenin’s vs. Stalin’s goals for a revolutionary Russia.

Lenin’s Goals

Stalin’s Goals

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