The royal air force officers and aircrew selection centre computer based aptitude testing

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  1. Most candidates arrive by rail at Grantham, using the tickets provided via your AFCO recruitment team. You will then be transported to the OASC Candidates’ Mess by a special bus service, where you will be handed your room key and directed to your accommodation. You may also travel by private transport to Cranwell, provided that you have not already been issued with rail/sea or e-tickets. If you elect to travel by car, you should report to the main Guardroom on Cranwell Avenue (Post Code for Satellite Navigation systems – NG34 8HB), from where you will be directed to the Candidates’ Mess and told where to park your car. You will be required to produce your letter/email inviting you to attend as a means of identification; please ensure that you also bring with you a suitable form of photographic identification, such as your passport, driving licence or your birth certificate.

  1. Candidates are able to spend the evening of their arrival settling in and getting to know each other. The Candidates’ Mess, with a bar, television and games rooms, is an excellent place in which to do this (please note that if you under 18 years of age, you will not be served with alcohol in the bar; your identification card issued on arrival is colour-coded accordingly). You are not under military discipline and nobody will try to regiment you, at least not in your spare time. If you feel like going out for the evening, you are free to do so. However, if you stay in the Mess, we ask that after 6 p.m. men should wear a lounge suit or jacket, trousers and a shirt and tie and that women should wear a suit, dress/trousers or skirt with a blouse or jumper. It should be noted that the wearing of sports clothes, jeans or training shoes in the Public Rooms of the Mess is not acceptable at any time during your visit, this includes breakfast and lunch. These are Officers’/SNCOs’ Mess customs in all three Services. Please also note that one of the boarding officers is appointed as the OASC Duty Officer and will visit the Candidates’ Mess at some point during the evening, usually after the meal. They are there to answer any queries that you may have and will be willing to chat with you about life in the RAF if you wish. The OASC Duty Officer can be contacted during working hours through the OASC Reception Staff and outside normal working hours through the Guardroom Staff.

  1. You will be wise to have an early night as you will have a long day of aptitude testing the following day. You need to set your alarm for 0600hrs as breakfast will be served from 0630hrs and you are required to be seated in the OASC reception no later than 0650hrs. Make sure that you check on your fellow candidates because the testing procedure will start on time regardless of who is in attendance; if you miss the start, you will not be allowed to continue.

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