The royal air force officers and aircrew selection centre computer based aptitude testing

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Further Assessment. Candidates considered competitive for selection to one or more of their aptitude-based branch choices, based on their CBAT and Filter Interview performance, will be contacted by the OASC Candidate Processing staff and may be invited to undergo further assessment over a 2 day period at a later date. Although you may have achieved the minimum aptitude standards for your branch preference, it does not necessarily mean that you will automatically be invited to attend the next stage of the selection process. The next assessment will include the Exercise Phase and, if successful, a Medical Board, Interview, and the Selection Fitness Test. Those seeking selection to non-aptitude based branches only, and specialists, will join the OASC selection process at this stage. The OASC Exercise Phase generally starts on Monday or Wednesday mornings and, so that OASC can programme those competitive candidates into the Selection Assessment, you should be prepared to provide your non-availability details over the next 3 month period following your CBAT assessment. These details will be collected before you depart from OASC. Competitive candidates will also be issued with the Selection Assessment guide to assist with their preparation.

A. General Information

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