The Role of Visual Aids in Corporate Annual Reports in Drawing Wider Audience Internally Mochammad Surjo Koentjoro 1

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5. Conclusion and Discussion
The use of Visual Aids helps the presentation of Annual Reports, but only to a certain extent. There are factors that are beyond the capability of Visual Aids in attracting the readership among members of the organization. But Visual Aids do have its purpose and can also be useful in other media of internal organization communication like the Internal Bulletin or Intranet. Annual Reports lack of readership among members of the organization can be explained by Laswell’s view of Communication that it was put together to comply with the Rules and Regulations, and not customized to the information needs of the organization members.
Weick’s assertion that organization was in fact made up of processes instead of structures and thus constantly changing and developing, has further limits the functionality of Annual Reports among members of the organization. Despite the limitation of what Visual Aids can do to help Annual Reports reach wider audience internally, the fact remains that Annual Reports are produced and done professionally. Due to its contents, it can be seen as representing the management of the company, in the way it is governed, and the way it performs. Further research needs to be done to accurately measure the Role of Visual Aids in Drawing Wider Audience Internally.

This study was made possible due to the author’s opportunity to observe the process of putting together some Corporate Annual Report while participating in the design processes at the PT. Voleti Media Kreasi.

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