The Role of Visual Aids in Corporate Annual Reports in Drawing Wider Audience Internally Mochammad Surjo Koentjoro 1

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4.4. Visual Aids
Based on the observation by the author, the process of putting together an Annual Report includes the heavy use of Graphic Design as a Visual Aid. According to Ruben and Stewart (2006), Visual Aids function to add interest to a presentation (in this case, an Annual Report) by giving the audience (readers) something to examine. They may also clarify what the sender is saying (writing) by providing a visual illustration to the points being made. There are four types of visual aid that help public communicators convey their messages to large audiences
1. The actual object being discussed, the presenter uses the actual object being discussed.
2. A model of the object, the presenter uses a model of the real object being discussed.
3. Mediated objects, such as pictures or movies.
4. Mediated models, such as charts, graphs, and diagrams. Annual Reports use type 3 and 4 of the visual aids described above.
4.5. Internal Organization Communication (Thayer)
Technically, internal communication is a communication process which involves organization’s members as recipients of messages. According to Thayer (1968), and made more popular by
Greenbaum (1974) there are four basic objectives of organizational communication messages to inform, to persuade, to regulate, and to integrate.
4.5.1. Communication’s Information Function
This function of communication helps an individual tore- duce the environmental uncertainty through adaptation. For an employee, more information could help give him more understanding about the company, the kind of work he does, the people he works for. He can also gain insights on what are his works objectives, targets, and the challenges in reaching those goals. In short, information serves as adaptive and innovative function. The Annual Report provides all those which will be relevant for at least one year. Below is a sample of a Table of Contents of an Annual Report, presented with the use of Graphic Design as a Visual Aid, with the goal to make it more interesting.
Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research (AEBMR), volume 41

In this case, the chapters area) Profile of the Company b) Management Analysis and Discussion c) Operational Review d) Corporate Governance e) Corporate Social Responsibility f) Audited 2016 Financial Report
Figure 2. Table of content of PT. Bank Mega, Tbk.’s
2016 Annual Report (16) It uses compositions of rectangles indifferent colours, shapes, and proportions to divide the page and house the chapters. The detailed sub-chapters and texts of corresponding pages are housed in one some of the boxes. The Chapters can also be represented or complemented with photos. The images in this page can be a photo documentation of the company’s social activities. The photo can also be some assets of the company, like the Company Headquarters, the Company’s operational vehicle. Narration as a means of achieving a desired interpretation was augmented by photography (Anderson and Imperia,
1992, Douglas, 2000). The use of images can provide a guide to direct interpretations to particular ideas. For example, the use of photographs to present the company s Corporate Social Responsibility activities, to shape the perception about the company’s social commitments.

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