The Role of Visual Aids in Corporate Annual Reports in Drawing Wider Audience Internally Mochammad Surjo Koentjoro 1

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2. Problem Statement
Despite the abundance of information contained within a Corporate Annual Report, relatively few members of the organization access it. There was a survey conducted by RBC Direct in Canada in 2011 about investment information sources, whose data is used as a comparison (as a secondary data. In this study, which polls on where people get their research for online investing, only 12% of those surveyed used mutual fund prospectuses or corporate annual reports. According to Mortrie R. Adams (2012), few people read Annual Reports. The reasons are because they are hard to read, the photos are not great, the copy or script are not fun to read, the whole edition was not engaging enough for the public, and they are not easily accessible.
3. Methodology
One of the qualitative research methods in this study is observation. While working as a graphic designer involved in the production of Annual Reports the author studies the role of Visual Aids in the readership of them among the members Copyright © 2018, the Authors. Published by Atlantis Press.
This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC license (
Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research (AEBMR), volume 41
4th Bandung Creative Movement International Conference on Creative Industries 2017 (BCM 2017)

of an organization. This parallels what was done by Hecht
(1998) who works for one of the agencies that served the need of the street children he was studying in Northeast Brazil. According to Adler and Adler (1987), the author falls into the category of Active Membership with Active Participation. This role applies to individuals who take on some or all of the roles of core members. The design process that were observed were for Annual Reports that belong to
1) PT. Bank Mega, Tbk.
2) PT Semen Gresik, Tbk.
3) PT. Lippo Cikarang, Tbk
4) PT. Lippo Karawaci, Tbk
5) PT. Siloam International Hospitals, Tbk
6) PT. Gowa Makasar Tourism Development, Tbk
7) PT. XL Axiata, Tbk By observing the design process of those Annual Reports that were written for the year of 2016, this paper aims to uncover qualitative insights on Annual Reports and the role of Visual Aids in it in the internal Organizational Communication. The other research method employed is Literature Review, which is a survey of what other researchers have already done in the researcher’s topic area. Using literature review, this paper surveys books, scholarly articles, and other sources relevant to this issue, and by so doing, provides a description, summary, and critical evaluation of these works in relation to this subject.

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