The Roaring 20s & The Scopes Monkey Trial Directions

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The Roaring 20s & The Scopes Monkey Trial

To do the following assignment you will need to download a lecture from iTunes University. To do so first download iTunes onto your computer if you don’t have it already, then follow this path:

iTunes – iTunes University – “History 7B Spring 2006” – Download the file titled: “The Roaring ‘20s and the Scopes Trial” onto your computer.
Once you have downloaded “The Roaring 20’s and the Scopes Trial,” listen to the lecture and take notes. Notes must be HAND-WRITTEN and include the key terms listed below.
Start the lecture at 9:00 minutes in. You may skip the first 9 minutes, which deals with the aftermath of WWI. The length of the lecture is approximately 36:00 minutes.
*Note that you can play the file directly off the internet, but will have no fast forward or rewind capabilities, making notetaking difficult. Your best bet is to download the file and move through the lecture at your own pace. You will also be able to skip the first nine minutes of the lecture, saving you time.
Textbook Reference

Ch. 13.1 “Changing Ways of Life” pp. 434-439


  1. Theme of the 1920s: Rebellion and Reaction

  2. Scopes Trial

  3. Interpretation and Significance of Scopes Trial

Key Terms

Harlem Renaissance





Red Scare

Feminism/Women’s Rights

John Scopes

William Jennings Bryan

Clarence Darrow

H.L. Mencken



Inherit the Wind

Charles Darwin & theory of evolution (“Origin of Species)





Immigration Laws of 1921 & 1924

Wilson’s League of Nations

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