The Rise of the Smoking Tobacco!!

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Dalton Snyder

The Rise of the Smoking Tobacco!! Tobacco is one of the biggest crops in the world today, its has been sence it was introduced to England. Tobacco is one of the most used crops also. Tobacco brings in more money then corn or any other crop. Tobacco also brings in problems in health, but calms others.

In the 1900’s tobacco was an important crop and is still today. Tobacco in one of the main crops grown in the US today. More people buy tobacco then corn. In the 1900’s was the biggest time for tobacco because people started to learn more about it and its affects.

In the early 1900’s 4.4 million cigarettes are sold in the us and it has been mixed with opium and other drugs. Washington, Iowa, Tennessee, and North Dakota outlawed the sale of cigarettes. Tobacco gets tested on pigs. Anti – Cigarette in 43 of 45 states. 300,000 types of cigars Edward VII makes a famous announcement “Gentlemen, you may smoke.” Duke’s tobacco trust was formed. Then it fused with other tobacco companies to get bigger and spread acrosst the United States. Dukes gets british tobacco firm. Business owners are refusing to hire smokers. Teddy Roosevelt’s files an anti-trust charges agenst american tobacco.

Later on in the 1900’s in Canada the Tobacco Resrained Act passed. Bans sales of cigarettes to thoes under 16 and England does also. Prince Alberts pipe tobacco is released. US makes $85million from taxing tobacco 13% from cigarettes. Tobacco is allowed in Englind for the firs time in 250 years. Lung cancer rates go to .06% of people. Smoking is banned in the US Senate chambers. A book was wrote called “The Social History of Smoking”. 24000 cigar factories are in the US most were in brooklyn, NY. Henry Ford is aggenst smoking.

Later on in the early fiftys Lucky Strikes sponsers a tv pop music series. Thay also win best comercial for having cheeerleaders. Most families spend 3-5% of income on tobacco. Almost 12000 people die from tobacco polution. Fillters are made to help stop chemicles from getting released in to the air and help keep plases cleaner like hospitles. These at the time were healty. Smoking drops 6% in two years so the total is now at a 10% decrease overall . corner acts study the effects of smoking tobacco. Hill reports his study on tobacco and displays it to the tobacco execs to show the health conserns. Male smokers are at 56.9% and Females are at 28.4%. US. Economic on cuba. Race cars are painted to match cigarettes. Some guys said its safe to smoke. Rose clipollone, now 49, swithes to True Cigarettes.

Joe camel is born. Used in Poster for French compain ad for camel cigaretes. Harrogate lab in Englind is closed down. PM pollsters try to find out why competing brands like kool were slowing Marlboro’s growing Jonny Roventini retires after a 40-year career as Philip Morris pitchman. Philip Morris opens the world’s largest cigarette factory on Commerce Road in Richmond, VA. The Canadian Council on Smoking and Health is formed. Charter members include the Canadian Cancer Society, the Canadian Heart Foundation, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of canada and the Canadian Lung Association. The Non-Smokers’ Rights Association is also formed. (NCTH).

The threat of punitive tariffs, as provided under Section 301, will be used to force Asian Markets considered to have “unfair” of “discriminatory” trade restrictions to open up to U.S. tobacco compinies’ products and avertising. Family Practice News covered Alvan R. Feinsten’s address to annual meeting of the Association of American Physicians. Then came the 3ed World Conferfence on Tobacco or Health .

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