The rise of the khalifa and the return of the gold d inar

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As the winds of time swept their way through Medina,

They carried a call, that marked the rise of history’s most profound legacy.

A legacy exemplified by mankind’s greatest witness.

Designating throughout the ages,

defined by the guiding book and an aiding sword- unsheathed.

The Legacy of the Prophetic Methodology.

Shaped by truthfulness

Unshakable resolve

And an Unyielding hardness toward the kufar

To purify the earth from the corruption that tainted it , after it had been set in order.

In this stage,

the seeds of corruption were sown by America and cultivated by the Jews.

Heading a capitalist financial system of inslavery

underpinned by a piece of paper called the federal reserve dollar note

which they alone printed and imposed on the rest of the world.

After all their injustice and transgression they foolishly expected to be left alone

Their evil remaining unchecked

they would be blinded by their kufar

all but for awhile

oblivious to the dawning of a new age for the legacy of the prophetic methology would endure throughout the ages and until the hour of la illa ta monsurah .

then firm like mountains, victorious

and now in this sky, and in this time,

the sounds of clanging swords and arrows set souring transformed

into bloody restores of the flames of war

striking terror in the hearts of the kufar

the first blow to their satanic financial system

pulverizing the idols of kafir

America, then dragged by its legs into Afghanistan and Iraq

its back broken

the fight leading out of it

Its finances driven to exponential death

and so its proxies d riven to insanity

and to death

and as the jihad thrust forward in stages

and the ranks were cleansed

the prophetic legacy would rise once more

on its great adversity

as the much anticipated promise of the prophet now unfolds

this was the rise of the khalifa upon the phrophetic methodology

the retun of allahs shariah here to purify the earth of corruption the return of the hadd

the zakat

and the jizya

and now

the return of the ultimate measure of wealth for the world


as the khalifa surges into the financial sphere

delivering a second blow into Americans capitalistic financial system of slavery

and casting into ruins their fraudulent dollar note


( 7: 85 recited Arabic)

Here in Madyan, the people of sharab ali wa sallam earned the wrath of Allah by depriving the people of their due.

And as History repeated itself, one of the great forms of corruption that the earth came to witness was the dark rise of bank notes born out of the shaytanic conception of banks which mutated into a fraudulent and riba based finanacial system of enslavement orchestrated by the federal reserve in America, a private corporation and system that would through the use of deceit and force ,deprive people of their due by imposing on them the usage of the piece of paper which came to be known as the dollar bill .

It is the federal reserve bank note that they alone print and that would go on to replace gold and silver which Allah created as the standard mediums of exchange for the purchase of goods and services ,

But just as Allah set the earth in order, he made it sunnah to destroy those who corrupted. So he blessed the sons of khilafa and gave them the ability of foresight to break from the shackles of the federal reserve system and to restore the gold dinar and silver durham as the ultimate measure of goods and services beginning in the birth place of the Islamic State , the land of the two rivers.

Gold and silver specifically in commodities in general had in fact been mediums of exchange all throughout the ages as our journey will reveal, beginning here along the furtile banks of the tigress and Euphrates , roaming with the winds of time back to the ancient land of Babylon.

Here in Babylon , situated in what is today southern Iraq, the 2 rivers are the lifelines of the city ., they are hubs for trade and sources for irrigating fields of barley and other staple food commodities.

Along with other commodieties with intrinsic values where the value is contained within the commodity, staple food commodities barley and dates are also mediums through which people exchange products and services because people in general needed them.

The people needed barley to make bread so that they could eat. Whatever was not required for consumption could later be used to pay for other goods and services.

For instance people from Mesopotamia could purchase this axe for the price of 2 kilograms of dates. But there are limitations and insufficiencies in using these kinds of commodities as mediums of exchange . Staple foods have a low store of value, the value of this date for instance is very small as compared to the value of this house. If a buyer wanted to aquire this house from the seller with dates, he would need to acquire a massive amount , so portability becomes an issue and the seller would incur delivery costs to transport the goods over larger distances, and where would the buyer store all these dates? Purchase another house? And how much time would the buyer have to sell them before their shelf life ends, thus the value of such commodities would differ not only over distance but also over time .

Another inefficiency arises when there are no standard mediums of exchange to measure all goods and services against .

So buying and selling without a standard of measure could become very confusing. Some sellers might not even accept these as payments , and it is impractical to keep these types of commodities at hand to facilitate purchases .

Through his fitrah , his natural disposition , man is inclined toward the allure of precious commodities ,w ith silver and gold at the forefront , for it was Allah who beautified them

(3:14 arabic recited)

Just as Allah made the new moons of measurement of time and in saying:

(2:1 89 recited Arabic)

He , aj jawal ,decreed for gold and silver to be the standard mediums to measure all goods and services against and created them with the ideal properties to function as such . Gold and S ilver are divisable as they can be divided into p ieces, they can also be melted into jewelry, they don’t corrode and they don’t have a shelf life . This means that their store of value would endure . and since everyone desired them , there were only a finite amount of them in existence, you can’t grow it of course, a small amount of gold came to possess a very high store of value ,so trade using gold and silver is a lot more efficient. And all prices can be set in gold or silver . Now person A could purchase the house from person B with ease.

We now travel a few hundred years later in time to Egypt , to the time of our lovely prophet Yousef, alahi wa salam , where he was betrayed by his own b rothers and subsequently taken as a slave to be sold in the markets .

Here in the markets of Egypt, the rare metals were struck as coins to facilitate efficient trade . coinage helped avoid the t rouble of weighing simple transactions as each coin consisted of fixed weights. Sellers now expressed cost in the form of coins instead of weights . simple transactions could now be counted , and it was here in the markets of Egypt that Yousef despite his honor and beauty was sold for a few silver coins as evidence in the quran .

(12:20 recited Arabic )

Yousef journeyed through life , enslaved ,slandered and imprisoned , but as the Nile river wound its way through time , Allah rewarded Yousef for his patience by instowing upon him full authority in the land and the honor of saving the people in Egypt from famine by establishing grain reserves , the excess which was sold to neighboring nations.

These nations plot to Egypt to make purchases using coins. Silver and gold coins became a universal medium of exchange throughout the ages and across the globe. China , metal squares of gold are used for trade .

The kingdom of Libya adopts coins purely made of gold and silver.

Athen’s adopts gold coinage, The Romans begin trading with a gold coin called the orias .

100yrs before the hijarah , Persia , the silver drackma or dirham is used .

We now approach the rise of history’s most profound legacy as we enter madina at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) It is here that the prophet s.a.w. ordered the muslims to make hijrah after 11ys of persecution at the hands of the kufar in mecca .

They first built the masjid , worship was to Allah alone. The believ ers uintied by fa ith through one call . designating of the hearts of the believers ,binding them together and culvinating in the rise of Islamic state .

Allah completed his favor upon the believers humiliating those who sought to defeat his religion.

(5.3 arabic rec ite)

Islam embraced all spheres of life. From acts of worship, right thru to financial transactions. These financial transactions were also carried out using staples for commodities ,notably dates as well as precious metals along with their usages of coins measured by weight .

there were 3 main coins in circulation the gold dinar of the roman empire and the silver dirham of the Persian empire ,as well as a copper coin known as the Fals for small localized transactions. \

The prophet s.a.w. did not alter the usage of these coins, on the contrary, the superiority of gold and silver metals and their uses as dinars and durhams was bolstered by the quran and al hadieth ,which referred to them as a form of wealth and mediams of exchange as Allah describes.

(3:91 recite Arabic)

Their superiority will even extend to Jannah where there will be adornments for the believers

(33:33 recite Arabic)

Gold and silver were thus cast firmly into the hearts of men as being the ultimate store of value over time, with the durham and dinar remaining as the standard units for transacting and measuring all goods and services against.

Islam also protected these transactions against deceipt, speculation and fraud and most explicitly against one of the greatest injustices that can befall mankind, interest. In fact, so abhorrent is interest that Allah declares war on those who do not refrain from dealing in it .

So he commanded his pious slaves to wage war. And purify the land of shirk and injustice.

It was now time.

With the power of faith.

The believers marched forth towards their victorious destiny.

smighting at the depths of darkness

with the shimmering swords and the fight of ( taking?) 17:34/17:35?

The idols destroyed.

The tr ibes united

Empires (dispersed(?))17:99

Raised high were the words of Allah by these sheathed swords

Spreading justice and prosperity to the entire empire.

And by striking at the shackles of interest, Baraka was returned

Trade thus flourished under the Islamic state which also operated on a tax free basis besides the nominal amount of zakat

And as the state continued to expand in the year 77 hijri, amir al mumin abdu malik ibn mirwan took it upon himself to remove all shirki figures and figurative representations from the coins presently in circulation were removed.

He thus ordered for the minting of the first dinar coin to be struck by the Islamic state free of figurative representations , the khalifa also took the necessary measures to preserve the coins in circulation in obedience to Allahs instructions

(17:35 arabic recited )

Likewise , in obedience to Allahs commands , the muslims weighed the coins in larger transactions to protect the buyer from methods of fraud such as shaving the gold dinar coin . The l ight of Allahs commands continued to illuminate the horizons.

From its ca pi tal in Baghdad , it now spanned across the region ,settling in Europe in a land of sprawling fields which the muslims called al andum ,where the Islamic state continued to maintain the true measure of wealth ,through the circulation of gold dinars and silver derhams

Thus pricing remained st reamlined and trade more eff icient and not inhibited by borders and taxes .

From the straight path revealed in mecca , to the fountains of knowledge in Baghdad, to the sprawling beauty of al andums. The Islamic state was truly a beacon of light for the entire world ,

But while the al andums and the rest of the ummah lived under this golden light , the rest of Europe was drenched in kufar and blinded by an age of darkness , a land of feuding kingdoms ,plagued with greed and indecency . where the soceities moral fabric only continued to decay .

The various kingdoms each used coins specific to , this made the business of exchanging one coin denomination for another and charging a commission for the service very profitable ,

furthermore , in order to attract gold and silver coinage, the bankers began to pay interest on coins stored in their volt. The bankers however noticed that not all depositors redeemed their gold and silver coinage at the same time ,this phenomenon would signal the next phase of corruption

which came to be known as fractional reserve banking

to illustrate, an individual deposits 20 dinar gold coins with the bank on condition that he receives 1 new gold coin per month as an interest payment on the deposit ,if another 4 individuals do the same, the bank then has 1 00 points stored in its reserve ,at the end of the month however, only one depositor returns to redeem his deposit of 2 0 dinar gold coins and also to receive his interest payment of one gold coin ,but instead of using its own volt to pay the interest payment, the bank uses the gold coins of its customers deposited in its reserve . so the bank is left with 79 points stored in its reserve ,and with the expectations that not all their customers would return to redeem their coins all at the same time ,the bank could then loan out a fraction of their coin deposits to new customers. They could for example loan 2 new customers 20 gold coins each under the conditions that they would also pay back the bank the amount of the loan plus an extra 2 gold coins as an interest payment , so now , not only were the banks doing well from interest ,they were now increasing their wealth with wealth that they didn’t even own , because it was in their customers gold they were lending out and not their own. These practices in fact gave rise to the creation of what is in practice today of bank notes.

Initially when the people placed their gold or silver coins in these banks to accrue interest , the depositor would receive a receipt or a promissory note entitling the bearer to the amount of gold and silver coins written on the note ,the note merely represented a promise to pay the bearer in coins the sum of the note on demand . the true wealth lay in the gold and silver coins and not in the note itself . the business of banking became so profitable that multinational branches were formed trying to do business with merchants . from the merchants of venice to the merchants of London. Her e in London, the first reserve bank was established and named the bank of England but it was backed by the force of English government which institutionalized and inforced the usage of paper bank notes . using the reserve bank of England as their model , the bankers further developed and proliferated this tyrannical system throughout Europe and after much initial opposition, in 1332 hijri 1913 Common error (ce) the model was replicated in America with the establishment of the federal reserve and like its counterpart the bank of England, the federal reserve was also a private corporation and exclusive banker to the government that was granted the power to p rint federal reserve notes redeemable for gold coins upon demand . so the gold standard that is tieing the note to real gold is what gave these fraudulent notes some legitimacy.

Less than a year after the federal reserve was established , various nations would witness the first world war written and invaded Iraq with the help of its old proxy the Rafidah , the sp oils of war came in the form of muslim lands and he oil that lay in between them. Finding inspiration in the sykes picot agreement, the crusaders carved the muslim land into nation states and the jews were allocated their own state founded with the massacre of countless muslims and protected by the newly installed arab coveted tagaheet .

America remained out of the fight until the end of the war ,it chose instead to build its economy by building munitions and shipping them out with outer exports across the atlantic and into Europe . American workers were paid with paper , federal reserve notes and payments from Europe into America were made with the true measure of wealth , gold . and to continue funding their war of course the taghaheet in Europe abandoned the gold standard that is they broke their promise to back these notes with gold. As the notes no longer had any gold backing ,t he governments just kept printing more and more ,in Germany the sheer volume of bank notes increased by a staggering amount.

When countries simply print notes irrespective of the demand of goods and services ,prices simply rise . In Germany bread that cost 100 marks at the beginning of the war , rose to 2billion marks by the end of the war . so the people of Germany not only lost their gold to the taghaheet but they also lost their savings because the mark just became another meaningless piece of paper .

Soon after world war 1 , America also abandoned the gold standard on a domestic level confiscating the American peoples real wealth through an executive decree and ordering the American people to hand in all their gold . the federal reserve then pr inte d new dollar bills and removed the words redeemable in gold on demand . now on a domestic level a federal reserve note was only redeemable by another federal reserve note. With gold out of the equation , banknotes now became the preeminent measure of all goods and services ,the bankers had successfully replaced gold . ,which Allah had created as the ultimate measure. Gold ,real wealth that was toiled for and extracted from the earth s crust and sifted before being melted and turned into coinage. Replaced by a piece of paper , imposed on the people and pr inted at the discretion of the taghaheet throughout the world . Shortly after this great theft, the world was blast by the shock of world war 2 , the waring nations yet again exhausted their goods and supplies through war ,but in the early stages of the war ,America resorted to the same tactics they had previously employed in world war 1, selling armaments , food and other commodities , to Europe in return for gold . with the great influx of gold from the 2 world wars coupled with the gold confiscation , america now held a high proportion of the world’s gold . it used this position of strength to organize a meeting in bretton woods with over 40 other nations ,here it developed another banking and ex change system post world war 2 called the Bretton woods system . under this new system the federal reserve note would remain on an international level redeemable at a fixed rate in gold of 35 dollars an ouce. And the rest of the nations would link their notes to the federal res erve note , the federal reserve was now the banker to all the nations of the world. The countries now therefore had to accumulate dollars in their reserves in order to engage in international trade and how did they acquire these dollars/ ? they had to give America either their exports or gold in return all the federal reserve had to do was print pieces of paper worth near to nothing .

Filled with arrogance and brimming with worthless dollar notes, America now attempted to implement this capitalist system worldwide, beginning with the communist mushrik nation of Vietnam .

But Americas war with Vietnam ,exposed their fraud to the world . to continue funding the Vietnam war , the federal reserve printed and lent out more notes from the American government than it could ever redeem for gold . nations worldwide began taking note of this fraud and in the years leading to the end of the vietnam war they began exercising their redemption rights to gold which resulted with the commencement rights of the flow of gold out of America to pr otect their remaining gold reserves , the federal reserve counteracted with another conceited presidential decree ,this time delivered by president Nixon who annulled the Bretton woods system by cancelling all redemption rights to gold . this meant that the federal reserve note for the first time was no longer backed by gold on an international level ,it was n ow just another worthless piece of paper.

And because the dollar was no longer redeemable for gold ,the jewish former chairman of the federal reserve arrogantly proclaimed (“the united states can pay any debt it has because it can always print money to do that , so there is zero probability of default “ allan greenspan ) In fact, following the Nixon decree , the amount of base dollars in circulation generated by the federal reserve rose from a little over 2 billion dollars to over 2.5 trillion dollars ,and through the process of fractional reserve banking , this time udner the federal reserve system, banks are allowed to create digital dollars called bank credit against loan contracts such as mortgage ,infact this is how most of the dollars in circulation are generated ,as the graph reveals .

Now at the peak of the satanic system stands the application of the most insidious instrument, interest. To borrow dollars from the federal reserve ,the American government first issues a bond which is simply a loan contract to borrow a set amount of dollars and pay them back with interest . the federal reserve then purchases these bonds by a private bank and by completion of this transaction federal reserve notes are s imply printed into existence, but when the federal reserve gets the bond or when banks create dollars against the loan contract for that matter , only the amt of principal on the loan is actually created, but the loan has to be paid back with interest ,so a question arises, if the banks are creating these dollars through loans ,then where do the dollars to pay back the interest come from ? the answer is they don’t exist . for under this fraudulent system , the debts total amount, the principal plus interest will always be greater than the amt of principal on the loan ,therefore extra dollars have to continually be borrowed into existence in order to pay for the oppressive interest payments on the loan. That is why the f inancial analyst mike Maloney illustrates: (“when your currency is all owed back plus interest and the currency to pay the interest is not exist yet , it means that u always have to go deeper into debth,and so if the public doesn’t always borrow more to cover the principal plus the interest that is owed on the currency supply, then the whole thing goes into inflationary and collapses “)

This also means that inflation is inherent and perpetual part of this evil system as new dollars are always required to be pumped into it , therefore prices will always rise. In fact the dollar has lost most all of its values since the federal reserve came into existance. To put this in perspective, a local bread that cost 6 cents in the time of the federal reserve inception,today costs over one dollar and 50 cents that’s a price increase of over 2200% as ron paul points out this is plain theft because it robs the people of their savings. (“theres a dollar crisis out there ,there ar e peoples money being stolen ,people who saved, they are b eing robbed ,I mean if u have a devaluation of the dollar for 10percent ,people are being robbed” ron paul)

Now with so many dollars being generated, a couple of questions arise , why isn’t America feeling the effects of inflation more sharply than it is ? and why does there continue to remain a demand for these fraudulent notes, the answers lie in linking the dollars to a commodity that no nation could effectively function without ,referred to by americans as black gold, this commodity is oil. The life blood of all economy ,motor vehicles, power plants and factories ,and it also helps protect these countries to fight with their war machines,accordingly the demand for oil will always be high and so to with the result , the demand for us dollars, therefore following the Nixon decree the American govnment directed their taghout, the Saudi government to use its strong influence in opec membership which is comprised of the leading oil companies in nations to manipulate oil prices and ensure that oil would only be sold in federal reserve dollars ,in return, America would continue to politically and economically support the ttaghoot regime , these agreements came to be known as the petro dollar system . This system firstly meant that America directed by the federal reserve could simply print dollars worth no more than the paper they were printed on ,in order to purchase oil ,the taghaheet stold from the muslims and which should have been sold for gold. Secondly, as nations now required us dollars to purchase oil , America could now shift its inflation overseas as financial commentation Edward griffins highights (“ a good chunk of the money has been shifted overseas , I remember early in my research I heard this expression that the americans had exported their inflation, im like what is that , how can u export your inflation ,put it in a box sendit, what can u do? But now I understand. You export your inflation by simply sending out all these dollars that you created to other countries and they send u their refrigerators and their cars ,tvsets so you get hardware and they get l ittle pieces of paper ,it’s a great deal to the American people and even if countries weren’t swapping exports , for dollars, they still none the less had to hold federal reserve dollars in order to purchase oil and trade internationally which is these dollars remain outside America . Thirdly, the petro dollars system aided America in getting away with continually spending more than it could earn. To illustrate, Americas revenue last year was 3 trillion dollars ,its expenses however were 3.5 trillion dollars a difference of 500 billion dollars ,so to pay for this huge difference America issued bonds to pay for the xtra dollars it needs ,this is called deficit spending . so how does America continue to get away with this deficit spending ?while also maintaining an enormous trade deficit and yet the answer lies in the petro dollar system .

The petro dollar system created a high demand for us dollars which in turn made us bonds very marketable. To illustrate the implications of this benefit, china sent their exports to America in return for us dollars which then pile up in china us dollar reserve, but instead of letting china simply sit there , china uses a large proportion of them to purchase us bonds that pay interest ,so the dollars return back to America and America reuses them to purchase even more imports so that in the end the dollars remain largely outside of America and America can always spend more than it ever earned without feeling the marks of inflation ,the big irony is the petro dollar system the Saudi and other apostate governments who already own the oil were nonetheless require to use a large part of their oil revenue to al so purchase us bonds which pay interest ,thereby also allowing America to reuse these dollars to purchase more imports or(1,263 billion) further build its military capabilities . In fact, the amount of American bonds alone held by the nations of the world is staggering with china owning the largest piece of the pie .

is also their achilles heel . when struck it will mark the death of this oppressive banknote and bring America ,the symbol of injustice and tyranny to her knees . For this sytem ,born out of the tyranny of banks and es tablished upon the foundation of interest together with the nation that I t funds, will be destroyed on the same usurious foundation upon which it was established. And this has already been decreed by Allah

(2:279 recited Arabic)

There are 2 key manifestations of Americas vulnerability ,firstly if the money is not continually pumped into the system to pay for the interest of bank loans the fraudulant system will collapse oon itself . Secondly , with the current upheaval with the g eopolitical landscape, major nations led by Russia and China have already demonstrated their willingness and ability to strategically attack the petro dollar system in us bond market by simply dumping us bonds as financial analyst Jim Rickards highlights (“a lot of us debt is owned by foreign countries , who o wns it china, Russia , countries that are not necissarly our friends but they can dump it when they want to , well let me tell you that is actually whats been going on re cently ,foreign holidngs of us government debt have been plummeting . here is russias debt in treasury month after month this was one clear indication that they were getting ready to do something in financial warfare to get rid of us”) .when nations be gin dumping us bonds, the real consequences of growing on interest will be felt as records continue. (“foreigners are now dumping treasuries. If no one buys it guess what treasuries go up and that will sink the housing market ,higher interest rates mean the debts get higher , so interest rates go up some more , so u start a debts file and there is no way out of it. “) and when the petro dollar system is shattered and nations beg in clearing us dollars from their reserves ,the value of the us dollar will also fall ,as financial expert griffins also emphasizes (when the time comes, it looks like its now coming, when the rest of the world is saying ut uh , we don’t want to play this game anymore, those dollars start to come ba ck to America because we don’t want them anymore, what are we to do with them? Once this revs up and we have this little trickle of money coming b ack that we previously exported ,once it becomes the flood and to rush back, now we are getting our former exported inflation brought back to us and then we will see the quantity of money in the united states grow much more rapidly even than the federal reserve can created, because we are getting our previous money back ,and that is when people really see the tanking of the u.s. dollar in terms with what it will buy”)

But at the same time, the other Taghoot nations cannot move too quickly as they also benefit from this system by printing their own fraudulent notes ,so they play a waiting game holding out for the geopolitical or economic trigger that will signal the collapse of the American dollar, while taking measures to protect themselves by returning to and stock p iling the nations only true measure of wealth and the ultimate medium of exchange Gold as the final graphs illustrate . but as the disbelieving states await this trigger point, One state, built on faith rises to face this evil head on initiating a count down to bring about the end of the petro dollar system ,and the destruction of America itself . that trigger has become their greatest fear .

It is the rise of the khalifa ,upon the prophetic methodology. A methodology that returned to this world as a strange,raisng and reuniting the believers as one wahideen and forging their ranks into one role ,like a single structure , hardened with unshakable resolve ,yet humbled with the knowledge that victory is from Allah alone . and in this state of humility ,they became the ultimate soldiers .the soldiers of a legacy that shaped the khilafa. The soldiers of Allah , whom he chose to fulfill his command.

(recited Arabic quran 8:39)

And as the fight raged on, the khilafa continued its rise ,consolidating its control over the major oil fields of Iraq and shams while continuing its endeavor to cleanse the entire earth of corruption and with Allah’s permission , return all the natural resources back to the muslims . With the permission of Allah, the oil will only be sold for GOLD, Not for federal reserve bank notes or any other fraudulent notes that the taghaheets have imposed on people. And in order to realize this objective, and the great shadowy (? 44:24) goal of p rotecting the peoples wealth, the shura council of the khilafa tasked the treasury of the islamic state with returning the true and ultimate medium of exchange and shadowy measures of all goods and services for the ummah through the minting of the silver dinham and the gold dinar . with the purity of 21 karats , the gold dinar of the Islamic state weighs in at 4.25 gram equal to the weight of the first dinar stuck by amir mumal deen abdul marhwan.

In accordance with the shariah the dinar coin is also free of all men and animal images , the representation featured on the reverse of the one dinar coin is an image of 7 stalks of wheat, representing the blessings of spending in the path of Allah . The second denomination is the 5 d inar coin ,weighing in at 5 times the weight of the one dinar coin or 21.25 grams . a map of the world is fe atured on the coins reverse, in noting the glad ti d ings of the prophet s.a.w. concerning the extent of the territory that his muslim reign would reach including Constantinople ,rome and America . There are also 3 denominations of silver durham coins, first the one d irham silver coin ,weiging in at 2 grams .on the reverse of the coin, a spear and a shield are featured symbolizing that the source of provision for the prophet Muhammad s.a.w. was from jihad for the cause of Allah . second, a 5 dirham coin featuring the white minarets simbalizing the descent of al masiah s.a.w. and the land of bloody ba ttle , th irdly , the 10 dirham coin weighing 20 grams . on the reverse of the coin al masjid al aqsa is featured ,symbolizing the destination of the prophets night journey and the first of the 2 kiblas . for smaller transactions, copper falus coins have been minted ,there are 2 denominations ,the 10 fulus copper coin we ighing in at 10 grams ,featuring the crescent defining the time of Ramadan, hajj and the other acts of worship. And finally the 20 fulus copper coin weighing in at 20 grams and featuring the blessed date palms whose simalatude is that of the muslims as narrated by our prophet s.a.w.

The new metallic coins of the khalifa are mediums of exchange that cannot simply be printed into existence and then imposed on the people . they are made from the measures of wealth that Allah c reated . measures of wealth created in accordance with the prophetic methodology found in the quran and sunnah and therefore with Allahs permission ,they will be the measures of wealth for this blessed khalifa which rules upon that same methodology hallmarked by the much anticipated release of the Gold Dinar .

(Arabic interaction of coin usage with subtitles english )

(Soldiers of Allah nasheed )

And my dear brothers ,this will be achieved by Allahs promise and then by our blood ,for there is no other path to victory except through sacrifice and jihad for the sake of Allah .

(nasheed lyrics .. for the sake of allah we will march to the gates of the paradise where our maidens await .. but the sodiers of Allah are more than ready… etc. the nasheed lyrics ) insert here the lyrics.

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