The Rise of Rome Notes Name Rome’s Beginnings

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The Rise of Rome Notes

Name _____________________

Rome’s Beginnings

  • The mountain range that runs through the northern region of Italy is the ___________________.

  • The mountains in Rome are less ____________ than those in Greece.

  • The site chosen for Rome was about 15 miles up the ____________ River from the Mediterranean Sea.

  • There are two different legends or ___________ about how Rome began.

    • Twin brothers (__________ and _____________) founded the city.

    • As babies, they were abandoned and raised by ___________________.

  • The Romans were influenced by the Greeks and the Etruscans. Greece and Etruria are __________________________________________________________________.

  • The Etruscans staged gladiator fights. What does this tell us about Etruscan society? __________________________________________________________________

  • Rome began as a monarchy but changed to a ________________, a form of government which the people choose their leader.

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B.C.E. B.C.E. B.C.E. B.C.E. B.C.E.

he Roman Republic

Roman Republic begins.

Romans write down laws.

One consul must be plebeian.

Plebeians pass laws for everyone.

  • Early Romans were divided into two classes: patricians and plebeians.

  • The wealthy landowners of ancient Rome were the ______________________.

  • Who would mostly likely say the following quote: “I fight Rome’s wars, but I can’t vote.”? _________________________

  • Why were the plebeians unhappy when the Republic was first set up? __________________________________________________________________

  • The ______________________ was the foundation of Roman law, detailing all the laws regarding walls, courts, and property.

    • The Plebeians followed more laws than before when the Twelve Tables were _________________.

    • This finally made the Plebeians equal citizens.

What changed as a result of the action shown in the image to the left?

  • What was the final change that made plebeians equal citizens? _________________________________________________________________

  • Who was the military leader of Carthage that attacked the Roman territory by crossing the Alps? _______________________

  • The picture above is of Rome and Carthage during the second period of Rome expansion. What do you notice about the picture above? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Why did some in Rome want to totally destroy Carthage during the 3rd Punic War? __________________________________________________________________

  • Looking at the map, Rome added these lands to its territory as a result of _____________________________________________________________.

The Fall of the Republic

  • How did Rome’s expansion affect the plebeians? __________________________________________________________________

  • To win the votes of the poor, Roman politicians began providing cheap food and entertainment. This policy of “bread and circuses” which helped many dishonest rulers come to power also ensured that the poor wouldn’t _____________.

  • The people who killed Julius Caesar wanted to give power back to the Senate, but their actions had an unexpected effect. What was the effect? __________________________________________________________________

  • What were the causes of the end of the Roman Republic? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Early Empire

  • A long era of peace began with Augustus and lasted until A.D. 180. This period of Roman peace was called _____________________.

  • Why was the road system important in ancient Rome? __________________________________________________________________

  • Why was the road system important in ancient Rome? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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