The return of light


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THE TWELVE CRITICAL PLANETS: The Twelve Critical Planets are twelve planets which were especially selected within this Universe to be a repository of perfect and diverse genetic material. They are spaced in a grid pattern, so that if you divided our Universe into twelve roughly equal parts, each would have one of these Planets. Earth is one of the Twelve Critical Planets. Earth has sometimes been called a "Living Library of Bio-diversity", and this is a good description in that these Planets contain a complete store of Life-Form material. This does not mean that every Life-Form ever created is in existence here. What it means, however, is that every major archetypal system would be represented here. There is enough material, diversity, and knowledge here to create any of the forms that exist anywhere in Creation. There are, perhaps, places where Flying-cats exist, but here on Earth there is the form of the cat and the form of the bird. And it is the same with all twelve of these Planets. Each of the Twelve Critical Planets largely replicates the others. This was done for the sake of security, in hopes that the perfection and great diversity of genetic material would be preserved.


TWIN FLAME: The term "Twin Flame" or "Twin Soul" refers to Souls that are created as identical Twins, although with opposite genders. There is a tremendous magnetic attraction between Twin Flames, which is a driving force for their own evolution as well as the evolution of Creation itself.


UNIVERSE: A Universe is a structure contained within a membrane. It is created out of the Omniversal Matter, which is a free-flowing, unformed, Plasmic Cosmic material that Prime Creator has made. The Creator Gods take that Plasma, create a membrane around it, and structure it. Most of the Universes, like ours, are set up as vast collections of Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters, but there are Microcosmic Universes as well. Each Universe has a Great Central Sun which is integral to holding it together, and is integral in holding the outer membrane together.


THE GREAT VOID: The Great Void is the thought projection of space that Absolute Creator has made available for various Prime Creators to create the different “Creations” of Universes, Galaxies, Sun-Stars and Planets.


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