The return of light

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ASCENSION: Ascension is the reunification of all of the Aspects through all of the Dimensions and through all space and time. For a person in a state of Ascension, it would not matter if they had a form in the Third Dimension or not. It would only matter that all of their Aspects be in harmony, in communication, and united with both the Monad and God. At that point there is no barrier between the Dimensions or between time and space, and everything that Humans would call miraculous is possible.


ASPECTS: Aspects are essentially individual "Selves" that are birthed from the Parent Monad and incarnating on lower Dimensions. Most schematics show Twelve Dimensions in our Creation, with the Monad residing on the Twelfth or highest Dimension before Source. In order to gain a wider range of experience, the Monad projects itself into the lower Dimensions. This involves a stepping down of vibratory rate, and manifesting forms [the Aspects] into the lower Dimensions. Each Dimension, or each rung down the ladder, so to speak, would represent a hundred fold decrease in the vibratory rate of existence. Each Aspect has a great deal of autonomy and individuality within the basic prismatic structure of the original Higher Being. They will all retain similar qualities but will have a good deal of variation in life style, interests, what they do, and so on. There is not always an incarnating Aspect of the total Monad on every Dimensional level, so that if a Dimension were skipped - such as going from a Tenth to an Eighth Dimensional Aspect - that would be a two hundred fold decrease in vibratory rates between higher and lower Aspects or Selves.


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