The return of light

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FREQUENCY FENCE: The FFequency fence is a barrier created by the Dark in order to stop the flow of energy, travel, and communication between this Fallen Sector of Universes and the rest of Creation as well as Prime Creator. Within this Sector there are many, many Frequency Fences: around Planets, around Suns, and around Galaxies, in order to reinforce again the status of non-movement and non-communication. The Barrier around the Fallen Sector of Creation is often referred to as the "Great Wall". The Frequency-Fence Barrier around Planet Earth is also known in Esoteric Circles as “The Veil”.


GODVERSE: The Godverse, or Omniverse, is the dwelling place of Prime Creator, although Prime Creator is not limited to or encapsulated by the Godverse. It is the place from which all energy originates, and all of the Cosmic Plasma that the Creator Gods use to create Form originates in the Godverse. It is at the Center of all Creation.


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