The return of light

Part 1 — SANANDA/JESUS speaks about His Life

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Part 1 — SANANDA/JESUS speaks about His Life


Elora: Hello Sananda. One of our Readers recently asked whether we could clarify some of the details of your life as Jesus of Nazareth, or Yeshua, which I believe was your actual name in that life. Yes.


Elora: We felt that this would be of great interest to all. Are you willing to talk about this with us?


Sananda/Jesus: Yes. There may be parts that I do not want to comment on, but yes.


Elora: First, let us confirm that you are speaking from the Real Reality and not from any sub-reality, as there are so many distorted sub-realities containing much false information about you and your life.


Sananda/Jesus: Yes, let me make absolutely sure that I am fully anchored in the Real, and that Karen is fully anchored in the Real and that you are fully anchored in the Real. And I ask the Clear Light of the Highest Truth to permeate all that is said here tonight.


Elora: Before we get into the details, I know that you are one of the most projected-upon Beings on this Planet, and that this has caused you tremendous pain. Can you speak about the projections of Humans and how these affect you?


Sananda/Jesus: Yes. I guess you could say that is a rather sore subject with me. I do not hold resentment or anger towards Humans for their projections because, as with all the Beings in the Dark Sector, Humans have lost at least part of their Free Will if not all their Free Will, and are subjected to a great deal of mind control and manipulation. This mind control and manipulation is the foundational purpose for the great Religions — all religions really, all cults, all structures of belief that are limiting. To keep people under control, those who perpetrate this control create holograms and systems of belief surrounding God, Religion, Enlightenment, Liberation, Heaven and Hell, Eternal Damnation, Karma. All of these concepts were created to enslave. One of the biggest machines on this Planet is the creation of the Christian religion, focusing on the crucifixion, worshipping the death of my body and the suffering of my body, and using it as vehicle to project each person’s pain onto that collective hologram. It is not so much that the hologram and the projected thoughts hurt me as much as it is my inability to shut down compassion for Humans, and that I feel the pain they feel in this whole entrapment situation. Therefore it is difficult for me to interact with Humans freely because this projection, of course, acts as a barrier. So a person will call out to me in pain, wanting help, calling me for help, and it’s almost as if this whole projected hologram gets in the way of me responding. Multiply that by the millions and it pulls very deeply on my heart-strings. It is almost as if I am daily, through them, re-crucified.


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