The return of light

Elora: Would you ask El Baniel whether he is having any success with the request that we made of him for Earth?   Heru

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Elora: Would you ask El Baniel whether he is having any success with the request that we made of him for Earth?


Heru: He says he is still working. He would actually like to be introduced to as many people as possible, so perhaps he could be included in the next update. The more people who connect with him the more he can do work here.


Elora: Does he have enough of a conduit to this Planet so that people can reach him without going into the All?


Heru: Let me ask him. He says yes, that you have anchored him quite well, you and Karen.


Elora: We now have three of the very High Realms that we are working with or that have been discovered: The All, the Real, and the Core of the true Creation. Some of us are confused about what is what. Would you explain what each is? Let’s start with the Real:


The Real, for you, is a state of consciousness free of distortion. It is a very high state of consciousness. It is more than that, but that is how it will affect you. So it is like positioning yourself in the clearest non distorted place that it is possible to be in.


Now the All. We thought that the All was a Being, but it seems to be a vast Realm. Is the All a Being or a place?


The All is an Aspect of God or Creator. You could call it a place; you could call it almost a vast galaxy of energy that has an all pervasive, very subtle quality to it. In a sense the particles of it are very, very fine. One can describe Creator as all knowing, all powerful, all this and all that, and this is one of those particular ways of perceiving Creator — where God is all encompassing.


And when you say Creator you actually don’t mean our Prime Creator, do you?


No, this is far beyond, it is beyond any of the Creation Systems. So if you would, imagine that the All is this gigantic galaxy of presence within which these different concentric spheres of Creation dwell.


Elora: And is the All encompassed by the presence of a Being at the center?


Heru: There is a Being at the center of the All, yes. And there are many Beings surrounding it, as you have encountered a few.


Elora: And that Being in the center, does His/Her awareness and presence fill the entire Realm of the All?


Heru: Yes. And again that Being is not separate from Creator but it is more or less an Aspect of Creator, or a facet. So you are coming into deeper levels of oneness with the Creator along the lines of this facet, exploring it as the All.


Elora: When you say Creator what or who do you mean?


Heru: The Creator that transcends all of the Creation Systems.


Elora: And you’re talking about a Manifest Being, not the Absolute?


Heru: No, it would be more like the Absolute, the Unmanifest.


Elora: I wouldn’t think of calling the Absolute “Creator”.


Heru: Ultimately the Absolute is the Creator even though it is not actively creating.


Elora: Then what is the Core of the True Creation, and is it somehow related to either the All or the Real?


In a sense it would be where those two intersect. Where the All and the Real intersect would be the true Creation, the Creation that has no distortion.


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