The return of light

Sananda: A few thousand. [Shakura Rei

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Sananda: A few thousand. [Shakura Rei: But that is to change very soon.] Yes, it is. And I would also add to this that there have been, especially from the Eastern traditions, false teachings of Ascension. These teachings create an avenue for a person to believe that the Ascension and liberation process is in place. This Being then becomes trapped in a place, generally between the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions, where they will no longer incarnate, but they are not completely aware of their fullness of their consciousness and Being. And growth does not happen there. It is a somewhat static, pleasant, but stultifying environment.


Shakura Rei: The common belief is that we don't leave this Dimension until we've experienced all there is or all that our Soul desires to experience. Some would say that we don't leave until we have learned all our "lessons", a concept which I have never been able to agree with. Would you comment on the truth or fallacy of these beliefs, please?


Sananda: I agree with you 100% on the fallacy of lessons to be learned. As for the first part [i.e. not leaving until we experience everything there is]: As Heru has said, this Creation is built upon an insatiable desire for experience, an insatiable desire for manifesting diversity. Therefore a Soul really never finishes fulfilling that desire. How many more ways can a lover tell her partner about the love? It's an infinite thing, an infinite expression. It is never finished, and it is a very sacred thing.


Shakura Rei: Sananda, it seems that there are not a great many people right now who are consciously on the path of Ascension.


Sananda: All Humans desire something. In the Fallen state, generally there is a sublimated desire where people look for peace, satisfaction, and all that they seek for in the external world. Essentially everybody desires to go home; they just have forgotten what their home is, or have been misled and brainwashed that their home is a false home.


Shakura Rei: When we Ascend, specifically in Solitary Ascension, does our physical body dematerialize or does it remain as if we had simply died?


Sananda: Most of the time the body is left behind. You will see this with many of the Tibetan monks. They pass out of their body, and their bones will carry the electric charge of that Ascension, and so are held as sacred tools. [Shakura Rei: When the body is left behind, the Soul essentially just leaves the body?] Yes. [So what some teachers call "Ascending the body" is not necessary for Solitary Ascension?] Not at all. [Is there a choice in this?] There is somewhat of a choice, but I would say that taking the body along is a far more challenging and demanding process. It is felt that unless there is a compelling reason to do so, it is not worth the effort.


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