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Elora: Why are Humans called the Crown of Creation?   Heru

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Elora: Why are Humans called the Crown of Creation?


Heru: They have the greatest autonomy and individuation inherent in their character, and the greatest ability to reflect Prime Creator to each other and back to Prime Creator.


More than just about any other creature, Humans really get to enjoy the fullness of the beauty of Creation. Having a high metabolism and mobility gives Humans the ability to explore, learn, enjoy, absorb, and reflect, to the fullest extent.


Part 1 - The Reality of The Darkness


Elora: According to Heru, and according to the memories of those of us who can remember back to the times before we entered this Universe, the original Creation was without stain, without suffering, without even disharmony. If all this is true, then why are we, in this part of Creation, experiencing life in a way which bears only a small resemblance to that original state of perfection? And what is the condition of this Universe as a whole? Are the problems which plague our Planet the exception or the rule?


I personally found that a part of my spiritual maturation was a series of shocks and disillusionments about the nature of things in our world and even beyond our Planet. These have not been pleasant, but the willingness to come face to face with reality has been an essential aspect of growing up for me. Humans who are able to acknowledge the truth of existence on our Planet have had to acknowledge the fact that all of our major institutions (government, medicine, finance, religion, etc.) are riddled with corruption, and exist more for the purposes of power and control than for the service of Humanity.


As I expanded the horizons of my knowledge and experience, I found that Earth was not the only place where evil existed. I spent a number of years reading every available book on the extraterrestrial abduction phenomenon, and accessed my own memory of a frightening encounter with the Greys early in life. (The Greys are a group of extraterrestrials who are reported to be responsible for the majority of the ET abductions.) Some years later, I teamed with a psychic friend to do extensive work in an attempt to reclaim some of the dark fourth dimensional Reptilian races. In the course of this work-both through my own experiences and through further study and cross-referencing with others who had authentically experienced these realms - I was forced to realize that our galaxy is filled with war and strife. Peaceful planets exist, but only because they are protected in one way or another. Past life memories also surfaced of personal experiences with warring and destruction in other star systems and galaxies.


An even greater shock occurred when I discovered that negativity is not confined to the lower dimensions. As I continued to explore and expand my horizons, I found that Dark Beings and energies exist even in higher dimensions. I remembered being attacked and almost destroyed as a Being at a time when I lived on the Sixth Dimension. Heru and Sananda told us that pretty much all of the ruling Councils in our Universe - whether they be planetary, galactic, or even broader in spectrum - were compromised to some degree. We also discovered Dark grids on the Fourth, Sixth, and Eleventh Dimensions, which were covering large areas of our Universe. When we asked Heru if darkness (negativity) was more prevalent in the lower dimensions he replied, "No. It is as above, so below."


It is comforting to think that Earth is a primitive schoolhouse or a brutal but effective boot camp, a tiny and troubled speck floating in the cosmic oceans of love and light. Heru states that this is not the case. If our Universe were a place of peace, truth, and joy, he asked us rhetorically, would the situation on Earth have been allowed to persist - the injustice, the enslavement of so much of Humanity, the prevalence of suffering? The truth, according to Heru and the other masters we have spoken with, is that we live in a Fallen World which exists within a Fallen Universe.


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