The return of light

Vikhona: Yes, I would.   Elora

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Vikhona: Yes, I would.


Elora: I also felt that the Light Warriors would be driving the Dark and Fallen Beings to a place which is somewhat "off to the side" of our Universe, much as cowboys would round up several herds of cattle into one huge massed group. This place appears to be a large area between galaxy clusters, where there are few or no life forms. Am I correct so far?


Vikhona: Yes, that is correct; and they will be held there pending whoever is to process them. We are not to do any processing.


Elora: There will be an enclosure created there?


Vikhona: Yes. Each universe will have a similar enclosure. [Elora: The number of Beings that will be gathered there must be countless.] Yes. We do not know how many there are, but there are many, many. All sizes and shapes. [Elora: Will they have to be sorted?] Yes. There are both the Fallen and the Dark among them.


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