The return of light

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Heru: Yes. [Elora: This is then a recent change, for when we spoke about this earlier, perhaps in the late Spring, you felt the separation was going to happen.] Yes, it is a recent change. [And you feel this is a more positive solution.] Yes, I do.


Elora: You have mentioned that there will be an amnesty of karma for Beings who are willing to turn to the Light. Please elaborate on this a bit.


Heru: This information is not brand new, as it has made it into some writings on the Planet. Several years ago the Lords of Karma announced that all karma could be cleared within this lifespan, if a person so desired and worked diligently to do so. With the advent of the Omniversal Energy, this is further enhanced. If a person were to call forth their original blueprint, call forth their Monad [Higher Self], and ask that the way be made clear for the releasing of all karma, and that the path of reunion and liberation be made known, it will be so. At this point in time nothing is impossible, and the advent of the Omniversal Energy makes this so. Listen to those words, for there is the hugest blessing embedded in them. Tell yourself in your heart that nothing is impossible. Imagine, if you would, one of those paintings of the Annunciation, where the Holy Spirit is entering Mary, and Gabriel is announcing that she is now pregnant with God's child. This is an allegory; I am not commenting now on whether that image is historical or not. I am using that as an allegory for the fact that each soul on this Planet has now been impregnated with this Omniversal Energy in a very similar way to that image of the Annunciation. Take to heart the grandness of this event.




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