The return of light

Elora: You have mentioned a Cosmic Wind which is increasing at this time. What is the Cosmic Wind?   Heru

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Elora: You have mentioned a Cosmic Wind which is increasing at this time. What is the Cosmic Wind?


Heru: It is a combination of several factors. There is the Galactic Photon Belt, which occurs on a 26,000 year cycle. But there is a greater cycle happening too, which has aligned this Galaxy with the Central Sun of the Universe; and the Central Sun is also in alignment with the Central Universe of all universes, the Godverse. It is a long, majestic Cycle that is coming into play with many more facets than I can describe.


Elora: Essentially, the Cosmic Wind is a flow of very high energy?


Heru: Yes. And I see it literally blowing people off the Planet. Not physically, but people will be leaving their body because the intensity is too great for them to stay here.


Elora: A number of channels are giving very dire predictions for the coming years. Do you agree?


Heru: I do believe things will be somewhat rougher than they are now. I do not see them being quite as universally dire as some are saying. [Elora: So maybe 10-20% worse than they are now?] Yes, approximately.


Elora: If things aren't going to be that bad, why is it that you have several times counseled us on the importance of staying safe?


Heru: Have you not just gone through a series of very difficult psychic attacks in recent months? That is what I'm speaking of. If you look at how disruptive and draining that has been for you, I would counsel you to position yourself where you do not need to go through any more of that. It is not so much that I see things getting significantly worse other than the continued pressure from above, of the entities and the negative life forms being pushed down into the Third Dimension. But in a sense there are still entities and negative life forms all around you, that given an opportunity would love to have you for dinner. And that will continue for roughly another year [i.e. until or through the fall of 2005]. [Elora: So the psychic negativity is what you are more concerned about?] Yes.


Elora: Many sources have spoken of a separation of the old and new Earths. Do you see this happening?


Heru: It has been believed that there would be a literal separation of the worlds. However this is not to be. What has happened is that those who have entered into a more Fourth or Fifth Dimensional state, such as yourself and Karen, are living in the New World; and those that are operating more from their first and second chakras are living in the Old World. There is currently a separation, and this has been allowed for the purposes of growth and comfort. But in the end, all will be reunited as one world. And all will actually still exist on the Third Dimension. However, with the Frequency Fences gone, just as Humans are capable of traversing all twelve Dimensions from the Third - which includes the First and Second Dimension and going into the states of consciousness of the Plant and Animal Kingdoms - this Planet then will be free to express itself and communicate on all those Dimensions as well.


Elora: So it's as if we have different states of consciousness and density currently co-existing side by side?


Heru: Different vibratory rates. This is a natural occurrence on this Planet, however it has been suppressed, fragmented, and so on. The Nature Spirits would be a good example of Fourth Dimensional life on this Planet.


Elora: The expectation that there would be a separation of worlds has now changed, due to the coming of the Light Warrior?


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