The return of light

Elora: Please say more about the structure of this Creation.   Heru

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Elora: Please say more about the structure of this Creation.


Heru: The basic structure of Creation, from the tiniest particle to the alignment of the Universes, is all built upon the Sacred Geometric Principles that are taught in some of your esoteric circles. Much has been written on Sacred Geometry, and it would benefit the Reader to at least take a look at some of what has been written - to understand the Divine nature of the Human body in its proportions, and how that is a reflection of Prime Creator's infinite loving wisdom.


The older Universes, closer to the Center of Creation, are more basic and simple in their expression of the Sacred Geometric Principles. As one travels outward into the newer Universes, each arm of the spiral, so to speak, would show Universes more and more complex and diverse in nature. The Universe you are now living in is towards the outer edge and has a greater degree of complexity. This process is designed to be a never-ending spiral, to continue forever with an increasing complexity and increasing beauty. And there is designed to be communication between the Universes - Ambassadors, educational exchanges, all of that - so that there might be pleasure taken in the experience of each new facet as it is created, each new color that is discovered, each new form that can be created, "fractalling-out" from the original forms into infinite variation. And in this there is no end to what can be created and discovered.


Elora: I have noticed that forms repeat themselves within this Creation, in the microcosm and the macrocosm. For example, the Great Central Sun of this Universe has the form of a lotus, and the whole Creation itself looks like a flower.


Heru: That is based on the Sacred Geometries which were set in motion with the first burst of Creation. The plasma that the Creator Gods use to create with has, imbedded within it, certain structures and formats with which to work. [Elora: So the entire Creation, in fact, is in the form of a lotus?] Yes. [The Vedanta scriptures describe this; they describe the manifest Creation as a Lotus floating in the Void.] Yes, and oftentimes they would often show Gods, which would be Creator Gods, sitting on a lotus as well.


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