The return of light

Part 5 - The BREATH of GOD

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Part 5 - The BREATH of GOD


In the last paragraph above, Heru mentions the "pulse from the Godverse". This was touched upon in Chapter Four, Part 3, and is also referred to as "The Breath of God". Some time after the arrival of the Omniversal Energy, I began to see this coming. It looks to me like a great tidal wave which will sweep through the Universes with magnificent power. The Breath of God will probably arrive in our Universe in about 300 years, although timing is very difficult to predict now; As Heru says, that is only a fraction of a second in Cosmic time. Heru and Sananda have both stated that (in this Universe, at least) there will be a period of chaos both before and after this event. As to whether this event will completely set everything to rights, Heru does not know. He said that given how long the Darkness has existed in some universes, and a million other unfathomable complexities, no one knows what the results of this event will be. This Universe, unlike those which were created by the Dark, "is very repairable" but certain parts of it may not be reclaimable, some Stars may collapse, and a few Beings may not make it either. However, everything and everyone that can be saved will be saved.


We do not have a great deal of information on the Breath of God, but we asked Heru a few questions.


Elora: Heru, is the energy pulse from the Godverse in response to the Invasion of Darkness and the Fall of the Universes, or is it part of a vast Cycle that was going to happen anyway? It is said that many Cosmic Cycles are coming to a close at this time.


Heru: It is actually both. There was a periodic pulse scheduled to come, and the Creator has used that energy to propel and to bring forth the cleaning and the solution to the invasion. So in a sense the pulse from the Godverse is the vehicle through which all of this is being transmitted. And the Omniversal Energy could be seen as the first wave of that pulse, almost as if the aura of the pulse from the Godverse precedes itself in this way.


Elora: Had we not done the work that we did in this Universe, what would have happened? Would it have been unprepared for the Omniversal Energy and the pulse from the Godverse?


Heru: Yes, it would have been unprepared, and most likely this Universe would have collapsed. But much help has been given, and much energy has been set in place for that not to happen. If you look at your own efforts and you multiply it many times, there have been similar efforts in many different arenas.




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