The return of light

Elora: Please define "Prime Creator."   Heru

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Elora: Please define "Prime Creator."


Heru: God is that which creates, sustains, and permeates all.


Elora: Please tell us about the nature of Prime Creator; about who and what Creator is, from your own knowledge and experience.


Heru: My eyes may see what yours do not, and that is the direct vision of the wondrous nature of our beloved Creator. This is a Being without beginning or end, formless and yet formed at the same time, wondrous to look upon, brighter than all of the Suns put together. And not only the brightness but the purity of that Light is incredible to behold. Out of Creator streams limitless Light, streams infinite energy, streams the very space upon which matter hangs. That Space is the thought projection of Prime Creator; and so Creator, being infinite, has created Infinite Space.


Within that Infinite Space, Prime Creator has made many Creations, of which this System of Universes is but one. And within the Space of this Creation are hung, like the petals of a jeweled lotus, Universe after Universe after Universe, suspended in this Infinite Space and hung with sustaining lines of energy. Then within each Universe, as you know, many are the Worlds and Galaxies.


So varied is this Creation that I would compare it to one of your deliciously beautiful floribunda roses, where the bushes cascade blossom after blossom after blossom, each one so exquisite in its patterning and its fragrance and its individuality.


Creator has imbued, within every atom and every Universe, its own consciousness, its own connectedness to itself. It is almost a holographic mirror that you could look into. You could look into any part of this Creation and know that Creator is there-present, seeing you look, looking through your eyes, looking at Creation, and mirroring back and forth-and offering you this kaleidoscopic experience that is never ending.


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