The return of light

Part 4 - The Children of Promise

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Part 4 - The Children of Promise


Once the Fallen Universes are cleansed of all the Darkness, a great deal of healing will still need to be accomplished. Many Beings have fallen, and even those who held to the Light have been damaged in one way or another. As Heru stated in the last section, the Omniversal Energy contains, encoded within it, a number of Beings and "programs" 'which will enable the damaged parts of Creation to heal. He has also said that "a great deal of work must be done to restore not only the Third Dimension but all of the other Dimensions." Even the atomic structure has been distorted in the Dark Universes. The healing of the Fallen Universes is a monumental task, but the help that is almost on our doorsteps is fully equal to that task.


Elora: Heru, when the Light Workers first came to the Fallen Universes, we could say that they came with Plan A. Plan A was an attempt to mend and heal things, but without destroying the Dark Forces. However it wasn't enough, and we weren't equipped to deal with the virulence of the Darkness. Therefore Plan B was created, which would be the coming of the Light Warriors. Did Plan B change things?


Heru: Yes. Plan B would supersede all of that even if Plan A doesn't entirely work. At this time, representatives from all over the Creation are lining up at the parameters of this Frequency Fence. Once the Fence has come down that is cordoning off this part of Creation, you will see a great influx of new, wonderful, fresh, unsullied, and uncorrupted Beings. In fact they are lined up anxiously waiting to come. As soon as it is deemed safe, they will begin their work. And there are legions of legions, countless numbers of Beings wanting to help. [Elora: All of us here are pretty tired.] Justifiably so. Also, you have called on the same Angels and Masters for generations and generations, and it is not only you who are tired.


Once the Frequency Fence comes down, some areas may receive help sooner than others. It may be individual planet by planet that would be safe enough for these Beings to come to. In other words, some planets might be safe for them to travel to, but others might not be so for a time. These Beings will not be asked to risk themselves.


What I would like to say to you and the other Light Workers is this: that the burden of the restoration and repair will not be yours, nor will the burden of the battle that is coming be yours. Your work has been essentially to hold onto as much Light as you could, hold the space. And now that help has come, you may consider your job well done.


The Ascended Masters and other Beings who are helping this Planet want everyone to know that even though there has been failure in intended missions, the fact that the Light was held long enough until aid could come has been vitally important. This Universe did not collapse, and that otherwise would have happened. But there are Beings here who are uncorrupted; who have, through the greatest of traumas, held the Light, held the original desire to still implement the Plan even though it was being thwarted at every stage. And how incredibly important that has been in the process of bringing help to this Planet.


That is one of the great miracles. That any of the Beings on this Planet have been able to hold the Light and hold integrity is truly a marvel. Of course many have succumbed and many have become corrupt. But enough - and each one is very precious - enough have held onto their integrity and have been willing to sacrifice their lives for truth again and again.


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