The return of light

Elora: Are you able to work on the Twin-Soul rift in this Universe?   Rashona

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Elora: Are you able to work on the Twin-Soul rift in this Universe?


Rashona: That is very complicated. The rift itself, though causing evil, is more of a tear in space. I believe that the first wave of Beings that are coming in will address it, and they will be coming through shortly, within three months. This rift is one of the first issues to be addressed, for it affects not only Human minds but the Universes as well.


Elora: Heru stated that you would be working on some of the Beings who ensoul the Stars, such as our own Solar Logos, who is 65% Dark. What do you do when you work on such a Being?


Rashona: Generally, a Being like that would have attached to it a soulless vampire of some kind, and we would remove that. And that would remove most of the Dark. However at that point an ensouled Being is given a choice - the choice point to choose Light or Dark. Any time Beings are faced with that decision, if they choose to renounce the Dark they will then be put into the care of caregivers for healing. If they do not choose to renounce the Dark, they will be put in a holding pen until such time as they can be dealt with. [Elora: And given further chances for reclamation?] Yes, and at that point it is out of our hands - unless they once again are able to attach themselves to the Dark, which is unlikely once they are confined.


Elora: Is it true that the Light Warriors sing as they go into battle?


Rashona: Yes. That is in fact one of our great weapons or tools. It disrupts the stability of the Dark.


[Elora:] I have heard the Song of the Light Warriors as they battle the Dark. They all sing together in a grand, stirring harmony. Their song is somewhat reminiscent of parts of Handel's Messiah.


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