The return of light

Rashona: Not yet but soon. In the next few years.   Elora

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Rashona: Not yet but soon. In the next few years.


Elora: On August 20, 2004, we asked Rashona: We are told that large numbers of you are massing against the Frequency Wall that cuts us off from the rest of Creation. Is this correct?


Rashona: Yes, it is. We are working to break it down. In one or two places it has been breached, although the opposition is attempting to shore it up. But we have made inroads.


Elora: Are most of the Light Warriors working on this Wall, or is this only one Division?


Rashona: Oh no, it is only one of a multitude of Divisions. It is not anywhere near the majority. About 15-20% of our total Force is arrayed there.


[Elora:] On August 26, 2004, Heru told us that part of the "Wall" or Frequency Fence around the Dark Universes had been breached by the Light Warriors. This wall, incidentally, appears to me something like the gigantic chunks of the Alien ships which crashed to Earth and lay in the desert in the movie Independence Day. It is extremely thick and made of some dense and highly unpleasant material. Heru said that a "good sized chunk" had been broken out of the Wall, and that Light Beings were starting to come in from the other side of the Wall in order to assist our Universe, though not yet in large numbers. He commented that "It is sooner than we thought, and more has happened than we thought. It does look like nothing can stop the Light Warriors." Heru also stated that people who were sensitive will begin to make energetic connections to their Home Universes for the first time, though they may not understand where this sense of "home" comes from.


On August 31, 2004, Rashona stated:


Rashona: As you know the Frequency Fence has been breached sooner than was anticipated. And the uncloaking of the first wave of Light Warriors that are seeded throughout this whole quadrant of the Dark Universes is going very rapidly and well. We are making great progress on this.


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