The return of light

Part 2 - Appearance and Attributes of the Light Workers

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Part 2 - Appearance and Attributes of the Light Workers


As it became clear to us just how important the Light Warriors are, we decided to make contact with one of this great force. Between August 20 and September 14, 2004 we had several communications with Rashona, one of the Light Warriors. For ease of reading, I have divided these into two subject headings.


Elora: Rashona, would you please begin by describing your appearance.


Rashona: In your world I would appear to be roughly fourteen feet in height, slightly more male than androgynous. We are similar to an Angelic form in that we have a Human-like form with wings; however they are both in the front and the back so that we have four wings. Our skin appears somewhat plated. It has a similar appearance to the iridescent small feathers on the neck of certain birds, only as if they were almost in the form of a scale, and they are extremely hard. We are white and gold with a faint iridescence. Our eyes are gold. Our wings are largely white with little flecks of gold.


Elora: Please describe some of your other attributes, such as the type of matter you are made from, and the "indestructible diamond" at your core.


Rashona: There are no words or concepts in your Universe for the hardness of our matter. It is as if the atomic and molecular structure of our beings is tenfold stronger than yours is, so that we may penetrate any form of matter. The diamond at our core would be the same, and it is the original matter that our Creation was founded upon. And then our beings were grown out from there.


Elora: This reminds me of the matter of a neutron star, which is so dense that even a tiny piece placed on the Earth's surface would immediately plunge through to the core.


Rashona: We are not heavy in that way, it is just that the bonds of the atoms are stronger. We do not require that kind of density, but we can penetrate that kind of density with ease. Were a Human to go to a neutron star, of course they would be crushed, whereas we would not be.


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