The return of light

Elora: Please define "Universe".   Heru

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Elora: Please define "Universe".


Heru: A Universe is a structure contained within a membrane. It is created out of the Omniversal matter which is a free flowing, unformed, plasmic Cosmic material that Prime Creator has made. The Creator Gods take that plasma, create a membrane around it, and structure it. [Elora: Are all the Universes set up as vast collections of Galaxies?] Most are, but some are quite tiny, as the one I told you about that Durga/Sekhmet and I created. There are microcosmic Universes as well. All of them have a certain similarity in structure in terms of the way matter and the elements are structured. There are considerable variations in size and theme, but the larger Universes you would recognize. [Elora: Do they each have a Great Central Sun?] Yes. That is integral to holding them together, and actually is integral in holding the outer membrane together.


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