The return of light

Elora: So for you, the coming of the Light Warriors must be a great celebration.   Heru

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Elora: So for you, the coming of the Light Warriors must be a great celebration.


Heru: Well, I'm not ready to celebrate yet. It is a beginning of the restoration. And when it is complete, I will celebrate.


Elora: Do you have any doubts that the Light Warriors will be successful?


Heru: No. You have seen accurately the nature of these Beings, that they are made of a diamond-hard matter. There is nothing in this Creation that is as hard and as sharp as that. They are indestructible and invincible, with an unquenchable thirst to find and destroy every last speck of the Darkness. That is their nature, it is what they are made for, and they are relentless.


Elora: On August 17th, 2004, we spoke with Sananda about some other matters. At that time, we also asked him for an update on the work of the Light Warriors. Sananda replied:


Sananda: There are a great many of them working against the Frequency Wall that you were told about yesterday, the Wall that encompasses the Fallen Universes and separates them from the rest of Creation. They are massed there and are pushing forward to break apart that great frequency barrier so that the Light may stream in. They have basically formed a solid wall there. That is the major part of the Force which has been opened up at this time.


However there are also representatives who are mainly, at this point, scouting everywhere. Those are the ones that you have been seeing. They are running a reconnaissance and information gathering mission that is three quarters complete, and from that their strategy will be built. More and more of them will uncloak as the strategies are formed. More will be unveiled and uncloaked, and they will begin their mission in this part of the Universe. Therefore not a lot of action has taken place at this time. However if you are in need at any time, any of the Scouts are available for help. But you should be seeing many more in the weeks and months to come.


Have you called them in to sit with you and protect you? Do so. They are very effective in preventing any of the psychic attacks. All of the Light Workers have been under attack in that way, and the Dark has used these attacks as an avenue to invite in the physical. So you would have an Etheric virus and then have the Physical virus, and have an Etheric parasite and then the Physical parasite. But now you can protect yourself with these Light Warriors. They come in pairs and you can have as many pairs as you feel you need. That sense of safety will allow you to truly relax. As you relax, you will release many of the deep traumas you are holding from many lifetimes.


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