The return of light

Part 1: The Light Warriors

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Part 1: The Light Warriors


We have seen how our Creation was invaded by an alien darkness against which it had no defenses. Heru has explained that Angels, Ascended Masters, Creator Gods, and other Beings who were created in Light have had to stand against the Darkness in order to prevent the Fallen Universes from collapsing entirely. None of the Beings in this Creation were made to be warriors. When it was finally seen that the Dark Invaders were both soulless and unredeemable, our Creator formed an entirely new Creation. From this Creation were born the Beings whom we call Light Warriors. Light Warriors are created for one purpose only - to eradicate the Darkness in all its manifestations. They traveled to our Universe hidden and cloaked in the Omniversal Energy. On August 12, 2004, Heru told us that the uncloaking had begun.


Heru stated that the Light Warriors were beginning to uncloak themselves all over our Universe and throughout the Fallen quadrant of our Creation. "They are beyond count," he said, "and they are more than sufficient to do the job." He stated that it would take about two years (from the summer of 2004) to win the battle for Earth. This time frame corresponds with statements made by other channels, although none that I know of have spoken of the existence of the Light Warriors. When we asked why it would take that long, he replied that it takes time for Humans to change.


In first looking at the Light Warriors, they appeared to me almost as if they were made of a pale golden metal, with an indestructible diamond at their core. Even if their bodies were destroyed, which is unlikely, the diamond containing their soul essence would remain. I also felt that they were all expressions of a group soul. Again, even in the inconceivable event that such a being could be destroyed, its soul would simply rejoin the rest of the group soul and nothing would be lost. In the great battle which must occur, our Creator has striven to ensure that no further souls will be lost.


Elora: Heru, perhaps hindsight is wise now that the Light Warriors have arrived. But it seems clear that only a response by force would be effective. I still don't see why this was not understood sooner.


Heru: There have been many debates on this. There were many Beings who wanted to use only Light and Love, for that is the ingrained prime directive in this Universe and all of this Creation as well. And in order to deal with this situation, it has been necessary for Prime Creator to create another Creation from which to draw these Warriors of Light. Within the existing Creation, there was not the material necessary to create Warriors of Light. It's hard to describe it, but this Creation just does not contain the proper elements to produce this type of Being. This is a great reason for the time delay in the Creator coming to the aid of the Fallen part of Creation. This was something completely different than had ever been conceived of by Prime Creator.


Elora: There are times when I feel the stain of darkness, and the trauma of what I've experienced, has gone so deep in my being that I wonder if I can ever be completely healed. Do you feel we will ever be healed?


Heru: I do. You can work with the Light Warriors, calling them to work on you at the deepest cellular and atomic level, to root out everything that is not of the highest Light. Ask them to come within you and work on your systems. Consider everything from pathogenic bacteria to the state of unconsciousness that Humans have fallen into. There is quite a bit of work on all fronts. The Light Warriors are able to go into both the microcosm and the macrocosm. That is necessary for the elimination of the Darkness, for it extends to the subatomic level as well as the universal level.


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