The return of light

Elora: So the Omniversal Energy is not traveling on a path?   Heru

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Elora: So the Omniversal Energy is not traveling on a path?


Heru: No, it is being broadcast universally throughout all of Creation, both the Fallen and Unfallen Universes. It has a somewhat different effect on the Unfallen Creation, for in those regions it gives every atom a more direct communication with Creator, and just sparks up everything a little. I don't know if it's considered a huge change there. Everyone likes it; it feels very good. In this Sector, it is of course having the effect of disrupting and discomforting the Dark, and bringing hope to all Light Beings. And this will also assist in the reclamation of the fallen nature of matter in this Sector, for the very stones of this Earth and much of the other solid space in this Fallen Sector have been defiled. The atomic structure itself has been distorted.


Elora: When I work with the Omniversal Energy, I feel it through my Crown Chakra. I call on it, and I ask it to do things, and I ask for information. Can you give other suggestions to readers to work with it?


Heru: Many people will pray blindly to a God that they have never seen, have only vaguely experienced, and never receive direct feedback of that God's existence. If people will address not only Prime Creator in their prayers, but also call upon the Omniversal Energy with Prime Creator, they will find their connection to become a direct face to face communication. And this changes everything.


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