The return of light

Part 1: Elora’s Essay on the OMNIVERSAL ENERGY

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Part 1: Elora’s Essay on the OMNIVERSAL ENERGY


I came into this life filled with a tremendous drive to evolve, as well as a visceral expectation of Planetary Ascension and of my own involvement in that process. I studied Vedanta as a teenager, read the Findhorn channelings in the 70's and many others in the 80's and 90's, and was convinced that the rapid transformation of our Planet was imminent.


Somewhere in the mid to late 90's I began to somewhat lose my faith. It was very clear that, at least on the outer level, Earth was not transforming. In fact, because of the increasing environmental devastation, overall things appeared to be getting worse. I tried and tried to understand what was really happening. Had there been a Plan, and had it gone awry; derailed (as so many have been) by the unexpectedly recalcitrant behavior of Humanity and the density of 3D life here? Had interference from the Dark side simply been too great? Or had the whole thing been a grand illusion, and were most Channelers simply recycling mass thought forms which bore no resemblance to reality? A number of my Light Worker friends felt the same way. There was a sense of weariness, of deep disappointment. So many of us had worked so very hard, and it appeared that the transformation of our planet - if it happened at all - was probably thousands of years down the line.


That's how things stood with me until September of 2003. Despite feeling discouraged about outcomes on Earth, I never ceased to explore inner realms. It was about mid-September that John and I both noticed a great increase of psychic attacks and various types of attachments in people we knew: Everybody was picking up dark forces, negative entities, and even discarnates. Even John and I were getting attachments, for the first time in many years! I own a small business, and had to continually clear my Staff. At times the "infestations" were so bad that one sensitive employee couldn't get to work until she was cleared.


John and I separately went to guidance and asked what was going on. To our surprise, we were told that the upsurge in attacks and attachments was due to something positive - an increase of Light on the planet. The cockroaches were being flushed out of the cracks, so to speak. This information interested me greatly, so we did our best to get more details. Some of my contacts on the Inner Realms said they didn't know where this Light was coming from - it was a source so high that even they couldn't comprehend it, but they could certainly perceive it. I tuned in to the Omniversal Energy, as I call it, and found that it felt like an intense beam of Light Energy which was experienced as descending directly through the Crown Chakra.


John is quite a good channel and has recently been channeling a Being who identifies himself as Maitreya (not the current Maitreya, but the first one on Earth to hold that office). Maitreya had a lot to say about the Omniversal Energy. He said that it is the highest and most powerful energy we have ever known on this Planet. He told us that this energy is what we have been waiting for - and while its arrival was expected to occur quite a bit earlier, it is indeed here now. As it intensifies, Maitreya told us, the Omniversal Energy would change everything on our world beyond recognition. It will clean up our planet to the very last corner, and as the Omniversal Energy increases in power, absolutely nothing will be able to withstand it. The Omniversal Energy will gradually raise the frequency of Earth as well, so that all matter here will become less and less dense.


Maitreya said that the Omniversal Energy is affecting not only Earth but our entire Universe. It's my understanding that what we call the Star Seed helpers on Earth not only came here from other planets, but originally came from other universes, in an attempt to help this one. In any case, Maitreya stated that the Omniversal Energy will ultimately cleanse and transform our entire Universe. He said there would be dark corners for a time, and many highly negative Beings would choose to leave Earth as the Light increases, to hide out in such places. Even they, eventually, would have to face the music. Earth, however, was in line to receive a high dose of this energy and is therefore a good place to be right now. As closely as I could get, the Omniversal Energy had arrived on September 5, 2003, and we started noticing the effects very shortly after that.


We also began to observe that many people around us were experiencing dramatic and intense life changes. For example, Karen had followed a certain Eastern Master for all of her adult life as well as for six lives prior to this one. On September 6, she decided that he was not a being of integrity and renounced him. Shortly after that her Father died, her apartment was flooded, and she had to deal with ongoing psychic attacks from the Astral minions of her former Guru. Of the four Staff members who worked in my business at the time, three of them had deaths in their families in the months directly after the entry of the Omniversal Energy. I myself broke a karmic contract of over 3000 years standing and went through other intense changes and realizations.


I was personally told that this Energy or Light comes from a central power source within the Omniverse (the Central Universe within this Universal System, often called the "Godverse"). It was for this reason that I coined the name "Omniversal Energy".


Initially, the Omniversal Energy was not well absorbed onto our Planet. Due to the Frequency Barriers and the like, much of it was seen to be "sheeting off". That has changed to some extent, and I also see people becoming more acclimatized to this Energy as well. A balancing of the Omniversal Energy seemed to occur at the time of the “Harmonic Concordance” of 1987, but I emphasize that it had arrived to some extent on our Planet before that time.


As of February 2004, things have continued to be quite intense in our area. John, Karen, and I all noticed that areas located on or near Ley Lines became too highly energized for comfort. In fact all of us moved from such areas to places which were more energetically quiet.


With the arrival of the Omniversal Energy, I feel once again that our world is on track for a rapid transformation. Just how rapid I do not know for sure, but I believe the rate of change is going to be speeding up exponentially. I do hope that those of us who have been doing our work for so long will ultimately be able to ride the waves of change in a joyful way, as well as being able to help others who may be struggling.


I have found that the Omniversal Energy is highly intelligent, responsive, and seems to know everything. I often communicate with it. I don't know what percent of its full intensity we are currently receiving, probably no more than a tenth. Any person who is sensitive to energies can tune into the Omniversal Energy simply by requesting the connection. The connection will be felt directly through the Crown Chakra and will feel like a very pure and powerful white light. One may also request other colors of this Light, such as rose, emerald, gold, or silver; and these may be used for protection and healing.


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