The return of light

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Prime Creator: The latter. In an Unfallen Universe there is no separation.


Elora: Some say that you, the Creator, are too far above or too distant to take an active part in Creation, and that the role of active participation in Creation must be undertaken by other Beings and Forces. Can you speak to this?


Prime Creator: In the Unfallen part of my Creation I am very present within every action, every cycle, every part of what happens. I am the stuff from which the Creator Gods form the Universes, and so there is a process of co-creation with both of us together. It is a beautiful dance. How it has been distorted in the Fallen Universes, I do not really need to explain. But that dance is a very interesting, multi-layered, fluid give and take. There is the dance between me and the Creator Gods to create form, and then there is the dance between me and the form, almost as lovers. The beauty, the intricacy, the intensity of all of this is a magical song. And yes, it has been very distorted.


Karen went to a lecture last night where the speaker was talking about the incredible fire of all-consuming longing for the Beloved. He described that fire as torturous, and how it entails going through the dark night of the soul. And that is part of the distortion. It is not created to be painful in that way. Yes, there is ecstasy within that pain, but pain is not native to the process. Yet that fire does live in every soul. And that is where, as a soul, you will find me.


Elora: You state that you are the "stuff" out of which Creation is made. This reminds me of Krishna's statement in the Bhagavad Gita: "Permeating the Creation with a fragment of Myself, I remain." In other words, God permeates the entire Creation, yet is also beyond it in an unmanifest state.




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