The return of light

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Prime Creator: It is the Breath of God. My breath has great restorative powers, as you can imagine - for healing, for restoration, and for cleansing. [Elora: Will you breathe once in that way, or many times until healing is complete?] Three times. [Elora: Somehow I want to cry when I hear that.] Because you know this, and because you know that these three breaths will bring you complete wholeness.


Elora: You said that the Fallen part of Creation was cut off from you. How did this occur? Have there been Frequency Fences placed all around the Fallen part of Creation so that we were disconnected from you and from the rest of Creation?


Prime Creator: Yes. This occurred in the reverse order from what you may imagine. The invasion came. It appeared benign, and spread through a number of universes. Once the invaders had an area sufficient to give them a platform upon which to launch the takeover of this entire Creation, they then built the Frequency Fences, cut everything off, and caused the Universes to fall. All of the Fallen Universes are grouped together inside this Frequency Fence.


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