The return of light

Part 3 -The Dance of Creation

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Part 3 -The Dance of Creation


Elora: Creator, thank you for coming to speak with us again today. We would like to know, first, can you affect change in this world, in people's lives here?


Prime Creator: Yes. It is an interesting paradox. I know you have been receiving information about the fact that when they become enlightened, people have a sort of bubble around themselves where all they see is love and light. To some degree, faith and belief playa big part in that. [Elora: When people have faith you can work more easily?] Yes.


Elora: I am puzzled by something that Heru told me. He said that since we are a Free Will Universe, the release of the Omniversal Energy and the Light Warriors had to be petitioned for, and it was voted down many times, therefore delaying the release greatly. Is it true that you were waiting on this petition to come to you - and if so why, since surely you are aware that Free Will in the Fallen Universes is a mockery?


Prime Creator: That is perhaps not quite the way I would describe it. I don't want to say that Heru was incorrect, but from my perspective it was somewhat different. It is one of those synchronies that is the magic of this Creation. For the cry for intervention did not develop until the Light Warriors were ready to be released. Therefore as fragmented - as fallen, dense, separate, and dark as this sector of the Creation is - it still resonates with my blood, with my life, and with my light. And this is proof of it. And that, my dear, should make you very happy. For what that says is that you still belong to me, you are still my beloved, and I still dance with you.


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